Flawed, dangerous, unfair Satellite TV Regulation

Local lives put at risk and local businesses harmed

Important Recent News for southern Pinal County Satellite TV Subscribers

10 June 2022: Two recent news reports are relevant to the pursuit of Satellite TV Reform for southern Pinal County:

Cox adds Oracle, San Manuel to Pinal County expansion

A decade-long journey to change satellite TV in south Pinal slowly marches on

The first article is good news since the FCC regulation that bans viewing Tucson TV stations from southern Pinal County only applies to satellite TV providers (DirecTV, Dish TV). Cable companies can provide Tucson TV stations in southern Pinal County. Although Cox is forecasting to bring the service by late 2023, I suspect that not everyone impacted by the FCC regulation will be connected by the end of 2023. And some citizens may never be connected to Cox due to living in a very remote area. So, Satellite TV Reform at the Federal Government level is still urgently needed and the Pinal County Board of Supervisors must continue to work to make it happen sooner rather than later.

The second article highlights many of my actions over the past 9 years to correct the dangerous and unfair Federal regulation. It also briefly discusses the county's recent actions.

Thanks to Richard Urban, reporter at Newsbreak Original, for his timely and excellent reporting on this critical issue.

Status of FCC Television "Market Area Modification" for southern Pinal County

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