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Daytime Crescent Moon and Venus

Posted: 6 November 2013

Before heading off to the "Last A-7D Pilots Reunion" in Tucson, about noontime I stepped outside of the house in Oracle, Arizona, to see if I could see Venus with my naked eyes near the crescent moon. Both were low in the southeastern sky. I didn't locate Venus with my naked eyes but did pick it up in 7x50 binoculars. This D7000 DSLR photo shows the moon, Venus, and the Earth, f/16, 1/60sec, ISO 100, 125mm, and was taken at 1207 MST:


Can you find Venus? If not, mouseover the image (or tap on the image if using a touchscreen) to see labels.

While at the reunion in Tucson, I went outside about 1500 MST to see if I could get Venus with my naked eyes. I did. It was easily seen as both the moon and Venus were near the meridian. Can you find the moon and Venus in this photo taken at 1524 MST?


Mouseover the image (or tap on the image if using a touchscreen) to see labels.

I arrived back home after the first day's reunion activities about sunset. This photo, taken at 1731 MST, shows the moon, Venus (can you find it?), and a couple of observatories:


Cassiopeia Observatory was not opened as I have another session at the A-7D Pilots Reunion on Thursday.

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