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Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

Posted: 25 November 2019

Sunday, 24 November 2019, dawned mostly cloudy but the sky began clearing mid-morning. The sky was partly cloudy after sunset.

1754 MST: the western sky looked this with the 1.5° conjunction of Jupiter (right) and Venus (left) over Cassiopeia Observatory (taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, slight crop).


1757 MST: clouds were getting closer to the planets (taken with a D850 DSLR + 150mm-600mm lens; f/8, 1/6, ISO 1600, FL 150mm).


1801 MST: Venus (lower left, in cloud) and Jupiter with the four Galilean Moons (right), D850 DSLR (f/8, 1/10sec, ISO 1600, FL 600mm, cropped).


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