Last updated: 5 April 2003

Meade ad shows incorrect tripod setup

Subject:	Meade promotional materials
Sent:	Tuesday, April 1, 2003 6:19:55
From: (Pat O Donnell)
As many people know, there is currently a special on for the ETX with
Autostar and the 884 tripod as a package deal.  Some of the very high
gloss promotional literature we are seeing here in the UK (e.g. the back
cover of Astronomy Now magazine) has a very attractive photo of the ETX
mounted BACKWARDS on the 884 mount!  Obviously, this won't matter for
alt/az use, but for those trying to do polar alignment for the first
time the general instructions on how to do it can get a bit confusing if
you relied on the photos in the adverts to indicate how the scope should
look before proceeding beyond the first step.  The instructions supplied
with the tripod are clear enough, but can be confusing if you start off
on the wrong foot.

Best regards,

Pat O'Donnell

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