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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-125/EC. Accessories and Feedback items appropriate to the original ETX model, ETX-90/EC, and the ETX-125/EC are posted on other pages as appropriate. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	 ETX-125/EC
Sent:	Friday, April 30, 1999 11:19:58
From:	mikedebr@digizen.net (Mike & Debra)
Meade is also playing dumb with us at the current moment...they are
telling us that a totally new "line" will be available in late May/early
June, but no other information.  In fact, the #505 cables still can't be
had yet, and our "promised" hard cases were supposed to be in over two
weeks ago.

I just can't wait to see it and play with it...I owned the old ETX and
upgraded to the LXD-500 when it had its serious price drop, but if a
bigger scope can be had WITH all the motorization, I want to go that
way.  I love the LXD because and 8" is so much more impressive than a
90mm, but I do get lazy sometimes and would like a "GO TO" function for
my scope.  Estimates for the ETX tripod were last August, but we didn't
receive them in any quantity until the end of September, as was the case
with the ETX-90/EC...we were supposed to get those in early February,
but they came near the end of the month.

Debra L. Mills
Manager, Natural Wonders
Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA

Subject:	 125 & Natural Wonders
Sent:	Friday, April 30, 1999 10:10:25
From:	gbg@webspan.net (Gary)
I just spoke with the manager of my local Natural Wonders - last night i
replaced my 90 EC for the third time - first time Goto tracking problems
(would lose alignment after one or two slews), second scope never got to
align - wouldn't focus properly, then a funny clanking noise in the
focusing knob - not a good thing.

Received scope number 3 yesterday, but didn't open it yet.  I spoke with
the manager today (wasn't there last night) and asked about the upgrade
path to the 125, if any.  She told me she didn't know about the scope
yet, and that i probably knew more about it than her (of course, I read
the Mighty ETX site, as all good astronomers should!).  She told me
Natural Wonders does not find out about new shipments until about 1 week
before, but if they carry it (and she guessed they would, as it is an
ETX), that as long as i had the ORIGINAL RECEIPT and BOX, they would
take it back and I'd pay the price difference (about 3 bills) - BUT if
they don't carry the 125, they wouldn't be able to take my scope back.
It's a risk I'm willing to take - I just hope i won't have to go through
3 125s!  Hope this was informative...

Happy slewing,

Subject:	 ETX-125/EC Focal Length
Sent:	Thursday, April 29, 1999 9:05:41
From:	JDeriso@Alphaind.com (Deriso, John)
I confirmed the 1900mm focal length with Meade this morning, because I'm
wondering about updating from the -90/EC which has 1250mm.  I think this
implies, for a given eyepiece, 52% increase in magnification and 66%
reduction in actual field of view by simple ratio of the focal lengths. 
The clear aperture area increases by 93%.  Does this mean (compared to
the -90/EC and the same eyepiece) that an object's apparent brightness
would increase 93% due to the larger aperture, but be reduced 66% due to
magnification, for a net gain of 27%?  And at 60x per inch, 300x might
be practical, so what about that note from Phil Acker (April 22) where
they suggest 500x limit?
John Deriso
Mike here: There was a recent, long, discussion about this on the ETX Mailing List. Quoting from Rod's response:
RMOLLISE@aol.com (RMOLLISE@aol.com) said on 4/24/99 15:17:

>In a message dated 4/24/99 4:50:30 PM Central Daylight Time, jh@brainiac.com 
><< I will agree that the size of the image may be different, but will the
> eye really see a difference in brightness in scopes of the same aperture 
> but different focal lengths?  This is what I'd been told wouldn't matter;
> to the eye, an object will be as bright in scopes of equal aperture (and 
> obstruction), no matter what the f-ratio. >>
>What you've been told is completely correct. An f5 and an f10 telescope will 
>produce an image of equal brightness _when used at the same magnification_. 
>Now, a longer focal length eyepiece will be needed on the long focal length 
>eyepiece, but the images will be equally bright. Actually, the image in the 
>LONGER focal length scope may actually be BRIGHTER, since telescopes (non 
>refractors, of course) with shorter focal lengths generally also have 
>_larger_ secondary mirrors (though the difference probably wouldn't be 
>detectable by eye). To sum up...an f15 scope and an f6.3 scope used at 50X 
>will be equal in image brightness!

Subject:	 RE: ETX/125EC Ball Bearings
Sent:	Monday, April 26, 1999 18:33:27
From:	DonMcClelland@webtv.net (Donald McClelland)
Judging from the E-Mail response I've been getting, I feel I should be a
little clearer about the ball bearings in the RA.  I noticed the
similarity between the LX200 (Nylon for the Dec,  Ball bearings for the
RA) and the ETX/125EC from the specs in the Meade catalog.  This seems
to me to be an obvious upgrade for those of you that did not understand.
I guess I kind of got excited about sharing the news.  I'm not an expert
but this may reduce tracking and/or pointing errors that have been seen
in the ETX/90EC in some cases.  Hope this clears it up.
               Thanks for your response everyone.

Subject:	 Minoru Hironaka From Japan.
Sent:	Monday, April 26, 1999 16:46:22
From:	minoru@japan.email.ne.jp (Minoru Hironaka)

My Name is Minoru Hironaka.
Sorry, I write English little.

I want ETC-125/EC, but I can not buy in japan.
and not information. 

I introduce into your ETX-125/EC Page,with your permission.

From your HomePage fun, Minoru.

Email; minoru@japan.email.ne.jp
Homepage(sorry Japanese Only); http://www.tojyo.co.jp/usr/minoru/

Subject:	 re; ETX 125EC
Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 23:54:34
From:	DonMcClelland@webtv.net (Donald McClelland)
Note the specs for the dec bearings.  The're ball bearings, not nylon.
This is the same as my LX200 7"  MAC!!

                                 Clear Skies!  Don

Subject:	 ETX 125/EC TeleWrap/Dew Cap
Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 21:32:44
From:	barrycnp@earthlink.net (Barry Craig)
I just wanted you to know that we will be manufacturing a TeleWrap/Dew
Cap for the New Meade ETX 125/EC. The price and availablity to be


Barry A. Craig  (Clear Night Products)  248-547-2315

Subject:	 More info
Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 18:18:28
From:	bob@shutan.com
For your information, the street price for the 125/EC is $900 and
includes the 8x25 R/A finder. There will be a new, larger hard case and
a new electric focuser that differs from the 90/EC focuser. There is
also a new table tripod that includes a leg weight. The deluxe #883
tripod fits both the 90/EC and 125/EC. While the 125 gathers twice the
light of the 90mm... it is also twice the weight: 19lbs.

The original ETX Astro has been renamed ETX-90/RA and is now priced new
at $500. There will also be a 125/EC spotter available.


Shutan Camera & Video

Subject:	 ETX-125EC Info
Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 16:34:05
From:	astronomy_steve@yahoo.com (Steven Jindra)
I went to Land, Sea and Sky in Houston, Texas today. They just received
the new Meade Catalog with the ETX-125EC information. Some of the specs
are: 127mm(5")Aperature, 1900mm f/15 focal length, 18.8 pounds, and it
includes the 90 degree 8 x 25 finder scope. Their retail price will be
around $925.00. They are due to be shipped from Meade on May 1. (Anyone
want to buy an almost new ETX-90EC?) Thanks for your site. Steven

Subject:	 Yet more 125 Info
Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 8:51:15
From:	gbg@webspan.net (Gary)
Here's something I found on an ETX forum... - incidentally, Astronomics
has the 125 listed for $895, but they don't really give much info - if
you click on it, the link goes to the 90...the 125 comes with the right
angle finder, so in a sense it might only be $250 more than the 90 (i
was planning to buy the right angle finder, maybe this is why they
weren't available for a while?)  I wonder how many bugs will be in these
units - I expect the optics to be terrific, but perhaps there are
mechanical difficulties, like missing stops inside, etc...(or should
that be etx...?)  I am wondering if I would see a benefit in my light
polluted skies - the new scope is twice the weight (if the stats are
accurate), and will probably not fit in my doskocil case (can you say
expensive custom case needed?)

: : :If you want to see pictures of the new ETX-125EC, check out
    the anyone know the specs - f ratio, size, weight, etc.? Specs are:
    >Dimensions------19" x 8.9" x 10.8" > >  Weight------------- net
    weight---- 18.8lbs.    Shipping weight ---- > >23.7lbs. > > > >Also
    it has a focal length of 1900mm f/15 Comes with the 8x25 right
    angle finder, fits the existing ETX tripod... And the Autostar DOES
    support it. Why wouldn't it? The first inkling that there would be
    an ETX125 was from people who explored all the Autostar menus and
    FOUND the ETX125 already listed there.

This came from the ETX forum cited from the ETX link at the bottom of
Scopetronix's tips page, i think it is JBF's or something to that
effect....happy slewing!

Subject:    More ETX-125EC Info
Sent:   Thursday, April 22, 1999 21:29:38
From:   philacker@fea.net (Phil Acker)
I have received a few Emails asking about pricing on the new ETX-125EC,
Well Ill tell you right now, Im no expert on the new scope but Ill tell
you what I know. My friend with the ETX-90EC went to Meade today to get
a catalog and was asking them about the ETX-125EC. It is not a released
product at this time, and they wouldn't give an estimated price, but Ive
heard from several scope shops: Under $1000.00 & Around $900.00. So Its
hard to tell at this point.

Also, Meade has been hard at work lately. There seems to be 2 or 3
different Autostar computers controllers now #497 (ETX controller with
many new improvements, 14,487 objects now) & #492, 493 (1500 objects)
for their new line of Digital Electronic Series Scopes (60, 70, 80, 90mm
refractors & 114, 127mm reflectors).

They also 2 new PC scope controlling software besides EPOCH 2000.
SkyChart Astro (for the #497/ ETX) & StarNavigator (for the new #492,
493/ Digital Electronic Series).

Back to the ETX-125EC: It comes standard with the new 8 X 25 right-angle
view finder and have replaced the nylon R.A. bearings with ball
bearings. Ive attached some specs for it:

    Optical Design                          Maksutov-Cassegrain
    Primary Mirror Diameter                 138mm (5.43")
    Clear Aperture                          127mm (5.0")
    Focal Length, Focal Ratio               1900mm W15
    Near Focus (approx.)                    15 ft. (4.6m)
    Resolving Power (are sees.)             0.9
    Super Multi-Coatings (EMC)              Standard
    Limiting Visual Stellar Magnitude       12.5
    Image Scale                             0.76"/inch
    Maximum Practical Visual Power          500X
    Optical Tube Dimensions (dia. x length) 5.75" x 14.2" (14.6cm x 36cm)
    Eyepiece                                Super Plossl 26mm
    Secondary Mirror Obstruction (dia.; %)  1.55" (39.4mm); 9.6%
    Telescope Mounting                      Fork type; double tine
    Setting Circle D)Diameters  Dec.:       4.3g R.A.: 9"
    Motor Drive System                      DC servo motors with encoders, both axes;l2-volts
    Slow-Motion Controls                    Electric, 4-speed, both axes
    Optional Autostar Capability            Yes
    Hemispheres of Operation                North and South
    Batteries   8x AA
    Battery Life (approx.)  
    with Electronic Controller              45 hrs.
    with Autostar                           20 hrs.
    Bearings                                Dec: Nylon; R.A.: ball bearings
    Tube body                               Aluminum
    Materials :   Mounting                  Reinforced high-impact ABS
                  Primary Mirror            Pyrex" glass
                  Correcting Lens           BK7 optical glass, Grade-A
    Telescope Dimensions                    19" x 8.9" x 10.8"
    Telescope Net Weight                    18.8 Ibs. (8.5 kg)
    Telescope Shipping Weight               23.7 Ibs. (10.8 kg)
    Price                                   ????????????????

Subject:	 ETX 125 price
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 20:16:35
From:	drdano@sprynet.com
The Astronomics web site has the ETX 125 listed as available for $895. 
I don't know if that is an estimate or actual.  If it is actual I think
Meade will put Celestron and other competitors in a deep hole.  I would
buy the first 125 I could get and then buy serious Meade eye pieces to
support a company that would make such high quality optical system
available at a price many can reach.

Subject:	 ETX 125 now on sale
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 16:41:45
From:	donchris@turbotek.net (Don Middendorf)
You have a great site!

I ordered an ETX 125 today from Astronomics $895 without the autostar. 
Ship date is "late May, but more likely late June".   As another post on
your site said, Barbara at Astronomics is very nice and helpful.

Subject:	 New ETX
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 13:47:20
From:	Peter_Eggert@adsu.bls.com (Eggert Peter)
Thanks for the update on the new ETX 125.  Any idea on availability and
cost?  I'm just starting out and would like to look at the new 5" model
before I make any purchase decisions.  Thanks for the site - lots of
info to help us starters out!


Subject:	ETX-125/EC
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 9:57:47
From:	LooneyRoo@aol.com
i just wanted to let you know that i spoke with meade a couple of days
ago and they would not even confirm that the scope was coming out! it
was not until i told her that i had seen pictures of them that she
stopped playing dumb. she then conceded that the scope was out, but
would not even hint at the price. she said that "givng out prices is
only allowed if we can take orders, and since the scope isn't available
for ordering, i can't price it for you." i've heard rumors on other
discussion boards that it might be available at the end of the month...
as for price, someone predicted that it would be just under the $1000
mark ($999.95). if that is true, why not just get the 8" lx10? unless
you already own the autostar, you'll have to spend an addtitional $150
anyway. the difference then would be like $200, for the magellan I...
not much for 3 more inches of aperture. i don't know... it looks like a
nice scope, but if you already own the etx and are interested in a
larger one, you might as well go with an 8" or 10" rather than a 5".
Mike here: Rumored price now $895 (US). Rumored availability in June 1999.

Subject:	 ETX-125
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 8:40:57
From:	covington@mindspring.com (Michael A. Covington)

I don't have an ETX-125 yet (who does?) but would like to know...

(1) How far south will it point in equatorial mode?  The ETX-90 is
limited to declination -30 if I'm not mistaken.

(2) Is the drive smooth enough for photography?

Clear skies,

Michael A. Covington  /  AI Center  /  The University of Georgia
Author, Astrophotography for the Amateur
(1999 edition delayed due to manufacturing problems; see web page for
http://www.mindspring.com/~covington/astro  <><

Subject:	 etx 125
Sent:	Thursday, April 22, 1999 5:54:19
From:	r8e3j4nb@nubbin.coastalnet.com (renefigueroa)
just got in late last night.  have been on the road the last 3days,
however the new general catalog was waiting for me with pictures of the
new 125 and a new version of the etx 90 with just one motor and no hand
controller. meade also says it is not upgradable.

Subject:	 ETX-125/EC
Sent:	Wednesday, April 21, 1999 18:33:28
From:	philacker@fea.net (Phil Acker)
Hi Mike, love your WEB site. About six months ago, I started looking at
the LX200 10" as a replacement for my Meade 2045 (4" sct). I have a
friend that has one, so he invited me over for a night of star gazing. I
also have another friend that has an ETX 90EC that wanted to go as well.
So they set up their scope and we started. The LX200 was nice, but with
the larger images, they were dim and fuzzy (Orion Nebula). Then over to
the ETX, WOW.... smaller but crisp and somewhat brighter. Looking at the
hassle of setting up that 10" LX200, and ease of the ETX, I was sold.
But I remember telling my friend, If they only made an ETX 5". Well they
do now. I work 2 miles from the Meade factory in Irvine. After reading
about one of your readers getting a catalog in the mail with the ETX 125
EC in it, I went to meade. The Jpgs attached are from the catalog.
Enjoy  Phil Acker



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