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Subject:	ETX 70 schematic
Sent:	Wednesday, August 29, 2007 18:01:59
From:	Robert Smith (
I broke my grandson's ETX 70 when I put a camera on it for the recent
lunar eclipse. The camera jammed on our makeshift tripod as the
telescope tried to elevate for calibration. The horizontal (azmithal)
movement no longer functioned (elev./vertifal OK). Somehow I was able to
take the base apart. Worm, gear and main gear all look good. BUT the
magic marker came off the pieces I marked. Is there a schematic
available so I can put it back together. I have a 3 pronged wheel, a
washer, a bearing and white plastic nut. Not sure what order they go on.
Mahalo (not very mechanical). robert in Honolulu
Mike here: Don't know if it will help but check the article "Repairing ETX-60 Azimuth Drive" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page.


Thanks for the quick reply. I will check it out. Nothing really looks
broken. The work gear turns  correction and is "powerful." So maybe
something got out of alignment.
robert in Honolulu

Subject:	ETX 60AT  - referred by Woodland Hills Telescope - need a mount
Sent:	Saturday, August 25, 2007 17:39:11
From:	Licia J. Angino (
Woodland Hills Telescope suggested that I contact you. I am looking for
a stand for the ETX 60AT  It was purchased several years ago and never
used. Now we'd like to try it. Could you give me an indication of where
I may find it. I have gone through your FAQ but nothing addresses this
Thank you.
Licia J. Angino
Mike here: If you mean the #882 tripod that should have come with the ETX-60AT, then that doesn't appear in the FAQ since it is not a commonly asked question.  As a Meade dealer, I would have thought that Woodlands Hills could have helped you.  I did a search on Google for "ETX-60AT 882" and found several dealers who should have the tripod.
Subject:	ETX-80 focusing causing severe deflection of main lens
Sent:	Monday, August 6, 2007 01:26:58
From:	Andrew Rodecap (
I'm looking to see if there is any good information you might have come
across regarding fixing the slop in the OTA with regards to the front
tube deflecting while focusing.  At lower powers it's not terribly hard
to focus but once you switch to a 9mm and a 2x barlow it become
amazingly hard to focus as the front lens moves causing the image to
slide dramatically across the FOV.
Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Andrew Rodecap
Mike here: I don't recall any such reports. It sounds as though the lens housing is not moving smoothly along the tube. This could be due to some debris or, worse, a bent tube. If some debris you might be able to overcome that by slowing turning the focus knob with one hand and assisting the lens housing movement with the other hand. Do this a few times, up and down the tube. If that doesn't solve it and the telescope is still under warranty (and hasn't been damaged) you should probably contact Meade for a repair.
Subject:	ETX 70 question...
Sent:	Thursday, August 2, 2007 02:58:37
From:	james arundell (
Great site, stacked with info - I've just purchased a etx 70 but can't
seem to find a piggyback bracket for mounting my digi-slr.  Do they
exist?  Or maybe theres a 'do-it-yourself' way?!

If any of you know how I can mount my camera piggyback style, please let
me know!
Clear skies,
Mike here: Scopetronix has (or had) a piggyback adapter for the ETX-70 BUT I don't recommend doing business with Scopetronix right now (they have been going through some turmoil over the past couple of years and haven't yet returned to their former quality services). However, there are several DIY tips on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page that should get you started.
Subject:	ETX70AT Home position problem
Sent:	Wednesday, August 1, 2007 12:49:51
From:	David Miles (
I hope I have sent this mail to the correct place. I read the etiquette
and hope I got it right!

My problem is when I try to set my scope in the vertical home position
when the scale is at zero the scope is pointing up at about 45degrees
angle,is this correct?

I cant seem to find any close up pictures of the scale anywhere to see
if the scale is "off".

Any info would be appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Mike here: The DEC (Altitude) scale is adjustable; if you want to correct it, see the FAQ page. Personally, I just "eyeball" the tube and base leveling.

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