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Subject:	DSX-2090MAK Alt. drive "Pinging".
Sent:	Monday, August 11, 2008 19:51:41
From:	stange (stange34@sbcglobal.net)
Thanks for previous info on 495 extender cable. I have avoided being
familiar with telephone nomenclature in the past so it is hard for me to
describe what I try to do accurately and to understand phone/networking
adapters. Radio shack is pretty much a mushroom colony so no help there.

Anyway... Something new now. I picked up a near-new DSX Maksutov 3.5
inch with a 495 controller at a yard sale. Everything checked out but I
noticed an unusual "ping" or "ringing" sound eminating from the Alt.
motor area only during equatorial tracking. Anyone have any definite
answer on the cause?

To date I have not been able to find a broken single-arm Autostar mount
to tear apart to discover how to take the upper assy apart (properly)
and to give me a diagnostic base for future problems. Anyone have a
mechanical drawing of the Autostar single arm mount? Or know how to
non-destructively remove the (upper) housing beyond knob and axis shaft
components removal?. Tnx.

Larry Stange 

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