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Subject:	Need help on autostar and fussy laptop!!
Sent:	Saturday, August 23, 2008 17:22:54
From:	luca (
I've been reading your wonderful webiste for years and I've only asked
for help a couple of times because I always try to resolve problems
myself. But this one is driving me nuts...

I can't get my autostar controller to work with my Pavillion Zd8000
laptop computer. It works very well with my normal pc, through
Usb/Serial, but my notebook will not recognize the autostar in any way
with the very ame serial/usb adapter...I'm trying to use it on starry
night 6 pro plus and I get this error: "The scope appears to be an
unrecognized Meade type. Please check website for
driver updates"

I have the latest version of Ascom, it's exactly the same version that's
installed on my pc. Autostar suite won't see it either.

What exactly has to be installed to make it work??

Can anybody help me??
luca (with very clear skies !!)
Mike here: Have you installed a driver for the USB-serial adapter? If so, check for a port conflict (typically fax software) on the laptop.


Yes, i have installed the driver and i don't have fax software because i
have the laptop for starry night use only...
Mike here: Have you tried other software, such as the AutoStar Update app or other telescope control software?


I have just download them right now, I'll try them tomorrow morning and keep
you informed with what happens

And more:

I've installed them, but without success...but I've notice that my
laptop has Windows Xp HOME Edition...while my other pc has XP
Do you think that could possibly be the problem??
Mike here: I avoid Windows so don't have an answer for that.

And an update:

I have resolved the issue....somehow Home Edition doesn't install com
port drivers, while Xp Pro does.

You can tell the guy's about this, that xp Home edition has problems
regarding the Com ports...

Thanks for your time and clear skies!!!!

Mike here: Ah, the Joy of Windows....

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