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Subject:	i have a ds 2114 meade go to scope i never had  su...
Sent:	Wednesday, August 26, 2009 13:27:50
From:	frank marsh (frankiem101@hotmail.com)
i have a ds 2114 meade go to scope i never had  sucess with aliginment i
read just about every tip on your autostar site am new to star gazing
bought my scope in feb n done some upgrading anyhow collomation does
that correct alignment or sharpness i think your sitrs are great and
your skills r out this world
Mike here: I need more info on how you are doing your alignment before I can assist. Also, I think you were asking about collimation but couldn't tell as there were no breaks in any of the sentences, or what I assumed were sentences. Collimation, if needed, will only affect image sharpness, not the AutoStar alignment.


sorry about last message i never been able to align my scope my ds 2114
came with autostar 494 i try to level point scope north  go with easy
align no sucess so i have up graded to 497 program with my info beside
my city and zip code i'd google longitude and latitude  i also bought a
dsi pro II, software, lenes, filters  from light poultion, planet and
nebula viewing but just got a glich scope motors not responding meade
says bad motors i ve only used a few times and less than 6 months old so
they r working on fixing or sending me a new mount so when i get it
back i was going to try to view from a different aera i have very little
open sky to work with on sept 4 i will be going to west virgina will be
staying on this mountian would be great for viewing if my scope is ready
so until then i will keep surfing the net for sites like yours  and
updates. are meade scopes only good if they cost alot. thanx framkie
Mike here: Did you do a TRAIN DRIVES? That will set the AutoStar for your specific drives. When you do the alignment, what happens? Is the telescope not pointing at the selected Alignment Star? What happens after you center the stars? Or are you having difficulties identifying the alignment stars? If that's the case, you can find alignment star charts on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page.


mike first thanx for taking the time am sure out of your very busy
scheduled i have trained the drives during the day on a lamp post and
done it several times to make sure that i was doing it correct. I dont
think i never found a tsar to aligin or autostar Question i bought a
cheap bubble level on ebay  4" round in diam with a circle in the middle
to show level when i level i do the tripod all three legs and also with
the mount but when the mount slews it wont stay level until it comes
back around Once i get back my mount am going to try and train the
drives at night with a bright star or the moon i just order a 22mm
crosshair lens i read this will help to be more accurate it seems that i
read your sites daily they help me so much thanx agin frankie
Mike here: A reticle eyepiece can help to make centering the alignment stars more precise. But it really isn't required. A higher magnification can do just as well. When doing drive training at night, you need to use an object that isn't moving much, like the North Star, Polaris. Using the moon or a star that is moving a lot will result in poor drive training. If you trained on a distant terrestrial object during the daytime, your drive training is OK. When you say you never found a star to align on (at least, that is what I think you said; hard to tell with the run-on sentences), do you mean that you couldn't identify the star in the night sky or that the chosen star was not near to where the telescope was pointing? If the later, approximately how far off was the pointing error?
Subject:	Meade telescope
Sent:	Monday, August 17, 2009 07:58:36
From:	MeReW (merew@yahoo.com)
I don't have the ETX class...I bought the DS-2000 from Meade for my son
for Christmas.  We've been using it manually up to this point...last
night we tried the Autostar feature and I got the same error described


The batteries were brand new.  I hit a key after the sun warning and it
goes into test mode.  It rotates slightly along its AZ then slightly at
ALT then flashes there is a motor failure.  The motors work fine using
the arrow keys.   Any advice?  I'm calling customer service at lunch.
Mike here: I assume you have the AutoStar #494 (no number keys on the keypad). The article you referenced really refers to the #497 (has number keys). With the #494, there is not much you can do from the AutoStar if it won't get past the error, ie, you can't get to the RESET option. However, there are some things to check, even on the DS models. Don't overtighten the axis locks. Check the condition of the AutoStar cable, connector, and jack on the telescope base. Look for bent pins, dirty pins, or pins that are too depressed. Sometimes even just removing and re-inserting the HBX cable will help. Also, with the telescope axes unlocked, move the telescope slowly by hand to ensure it moves freely. If you have a #506 serial cable you can try a RESET from software (see the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page). If you don't have a #506 serial cable (and a RS-232 port on your computer), you may be out of luck as the #506 is not easily made. Your last resort would be to get a #497 AutoStar, which is user-updateable and has more capabilities than the #494 (and uses the easily made #505 serial cable).


Yes, it's the 494.  Thanks for the quick response...I will check the
things you mentioned.

Subject:	Meade 2080
Sent:	Thursday, August 13, 2009 10:54:16
From:	GarlandEL@aol.com (GarlandEL@aol.com)
Some how in a recent move I lost the AC power cord to my 2080,

Do you have any suggestions on where to purchase or build one
Thank You
Eric Garland
Mike here: There are some articles on Power Supplies and cords on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page on my ETX Site. Some of that info may be applicable to older Meade telescopes. Alternatively, you can contact a Meade dealer and see what they recommend. Try OPT (www.optcorp.com).

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