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Last updated: 27 August 2010
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Subject:	DS-2114 questions, beginner at the scope
Sent:	Wednesday, August 25, 2010 15:33:25
From:	George Decker (
I have been reading your site for a good week now (wonderful resource),
after picking up a Meade DS-2114 Telestar at a garage sale for $65.  A
nice scope, I think. Of course, it is my first, so I have very little to
compare it to, other than 15 years ago with a room mate who had a nice 6
inch dobsonian.

But I do have some questions that I hoped you might be able to help me
out with.

First, the alt/az motor tilts just fine.  The base motor slews for a
second or two then grinds, clicks then chugs and then stops.  I can get
it to go the other direction, but only for the same amount of distance
traveled.  I called Meade and they said for 140 bucks they can ship me
out a new base.

I have seen this scope going for about $200 online, so cost wise, it
would be as if I bought it new.

Question 1.) Is it worth it?  I can manually move the base 360 and it
moves fine.  So, just no GOTO.  Or AutoStar as the hand set says.

Second, when I look thru the scope, and the moon was great last night,
things are not as I thought they would be.  I knew they would be
mirrored, because of how the reflector scope works, but I was not
prepared for things to be at a 40 - 45 degree slant.  I just pointed the
scope at a ridge, oh, 4 miles distant, and the barn I used as a
reference, was sloping from about 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock with the sky
being on the southwestern side and the ridge being on the northeastern
side of the view.

Question 2.) Is that normal for a telescope like this?  I don't mind it
much when viewing the moon, but when I start to try to find objects, it
may become an issue.

Thank you for putting a great resource out there.

George Decker
Homedale, Idaho

P.S. - the other scope they had for sale was a ETX-90 for $300.  I went
for the less expensive and now I wonder which was the better deal.
Mike here: Try doing a CALIBRATE MOTOR and then TRAIN DRIVES on the AutoStar. Also, be certain you are not overtightening the axis locks; they should just be "finger tight". Whether you need it repaired or not will depend on how you want to use it, assuming the fix doesn't work. As to the angle of the image, yes, it is normal for reflecting telescopes, especially Newtonians with the eyepiece on the side of the tube, to have the image at "odd angles".


Well, Mike, the short answer is: I ordered another base.

The Long Version:

I tried to calibrate the motor and it moved about 1/4 inch then made
crunching sounds, a ping and then stopped moving. I removed the base
from the tripod and there was the sound of things rolling around inside
the base.  Being a curious type, I opened it up to check and sure
enough, the motor mount sheared itself into 8 pieces.

Good news is that I will learn how to find things manually before the
replacement shows up. Meade doesn't have any in stock, so I am out for 3
weeks before they get one to ship to me.  The moon is quite wonderful,
as that is the easiest thing to find and Google Sky Map helps out a lot
when trying to find things.  If only there were a club closer.  The
nearest is Boise, little over an hour away.

Thanks for the info and I will be reading more of your site in the weeks
to come.


Subject:	Need your assistance
Sent:	Monday, August 16, 2010 08:50:35
From:	William Long (
I am new to telescopes and just acquired a Telestar DS 2130at when my
brother in law passed.I must be doing something wrong because with the
25mm eye piece in place and telescope pointed at anything from 50 yards
(telephone pole) to across the lake (1/2 mile) i can see nothing no
mater where the focus knob is turned. No objects at all,nothing.What is
my problem? Yes the (approx 5'' lens cover is off) ,what i see is an
illuminated circle,but no image no matter what.I have tried all the eye
pieces to no avail.


Mike here: Apologies for the delay in responding. I just noticed that your message was rejected and deleted UNREAD as SPAM due to the ambiguous subject line. As noted on the ETX Site Home Page, please see the Submittal Guidelines. Thanks for understanding. Without the eyepiece inserted, if you look into the eyepiece hole, what do you see?


I'm at work right now,i'll recheck when i get home.

Thanks for the reply.Does it sound like an equip problem or operator

Thanks again,
Mike here: We'll know when you tell me what you see.


Ok, figured that much out.However,the size of the image is rather
small.Like i mentioned,when trying to view a house across the lake at
least 1/4 mile away all i can see with the 25 eye piece is the window,is
it i'm still too close so to speak?I'm thinking like in my DSLR camera,i
can zoom in and out to get a wider shot,with the t-scope i can't.

What can i do?Sorry for the rookie questions,just trying to figure this
Mike here: Trying to view an object across the lake is probably OK with an eyepiece inserted, but I'd still like to know what you see when you look into the eyepiece hole WITHOUT the eyepiece inserted. Your comment about "zoom" is a common new user mistake. You can not rotate the focus knob and change the "zoom" or magnification. The focus knob is like rotating the focus ring on your DSLR lens. To change magnification with a telescope, you use different focal length eyepieces. There are "zoom" eyepieces available that have a range of focal lengths, like your DSLR zooms lens.

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