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Subject:	ETX mounts
Sent:	Sunday, December 30, 2007 16:47:35
From:	Michael McGrade (
I recently bought a second-hand ETX-125 mounted on a GEM.  I bought it
as a grab-and-go scope, but in its current configuration it's took
clunky to be portable, so I've been trying to track down an EC mount.

My question is this: are the mounts for the ETX-80, 90, 105, and 125
interchangeable?  If I were to get an 80, could I swap the tube

Your site, btw, is sensational.  I've learned a lot from it. 

Best wishes,
Mike McGrade
Mike here: The tripod for the ETX-80 is not sturdy enough to support the ETX-125. At a minimum you would need a Meade #884 tripod.


Thanks for the quick answer!  So other than the tripod, the fork mount
for the ETX-80 is compatible with a 125 tube?

Mike here: No. The ETX-125 OTA will not fit into the ETX-80 fork mount. The adapters are different AND the forks are not far enough apart.


OK, thanks again.  In that case I think I'll just stick to the GEM for
now and keep my eyes open for a better alternative.

Happy New Year,

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