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Subject:	Question from Brazil
Sent:	Friday, December 14, 2007 06:43:05
From:	Odair Martins Berto (oberto@toyota.com.br)
I really hope you may help me. I living in Brazil, South America, and
realy concerned because there is no Meade support here.

I need you opnion concerning a problem I've having with my brand new DS
2130 LNT telescope:

- During the initial set-up, the computer proceed the level aligment
succesfully but can not conclude next step (NORTH ALIGMENT). The
telescop remains turning around, over 4 minutes (or more, actually I had
to turn it off) with or any answer from HandBox.

Did I made some procedures mistake? Have you ever seem something like

Thank you!!!
Mike here: Try doing a CALIBRATE SENSOR for the LNT. Also, do a CALIBRATE MOTORS, then do a TRAIN DRIVES (on both axes). See if that solves the problem. You might also try reversing the cable to the AutoStar.


thank you so much for your support.
I procceded according your suggestion and....
I coud not imagine that it was so important to calibrate the mechanism.
It was not necessary to reversing the cable to the autostar.

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