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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade DS telescope models. Accessories and Feedback items appropriate to the ETX models are posted on other pages as appropriate. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	 New Meade DS Motors (finally!)
Sent:	Thursday, August 24, 2000 13:45:47
From:	wmbrady@olg.com (Bill Brady)
I called Meade today. They acknowledged the motor problem and new motors
are on the way. 

They put my name on the list to get a pair.

Subject:	 Motor Unit Failure
Sent:	Saturday, August 19, 2000 10:55:40
From:	daks22@hotmail.com (J Kevin Spencer)
Just found your site and hoping you or someone else might be able to
help me.

I just bought a Meade DS 70/ECF with the Autostar.  When I power up the
autostar I get the message "Motor Unit Faliure".  I have purchased 3 new
sets of batteries and checked everything on the motors.  It even does
this when the motors are not attached to the scope.  When I used the
motor drive remote to move the scope everything is fine.

Is this a problem with the autostar system?  Can you help?

J Kevin Spencer
Mike here: It sounds like the Autostar is not communicating to the drive motors. Is the Autostar setup to use the DS scope or some other ETX model? Does this happen when you are training the drives (which I assume has to be done on the DS models as on the ETX models)?

Added later:

Thanks for the reply.  It is on a DS scope.  It is doing this on the 1st
time setup.  I have not been able to get past this point to even start
training the drives.  It first ask for the language to select.  Then
goes throught the sun warning and then to the motor drive testing.  At
this point is where it fails.  Can't seem to get past this.
Mike here: Does sound like there is a communications failure between the AS and the DS.

Subject:	 Hel me, Please
Sent:	Monday, August 14, 2000 04:56:51
From:	moctef@hotmail.com (Jorge Fernandez)
HI, friends

I need somebody help me, I lost the instuction manual of DS70EC
telescope, and I can`t to buil my telescope, please talk me, where I can
to find this manual`s. I`m Jorge FernÓndez M. and I write of MŔxico

My email adress is moctef@hotmail.com

Tank you for all things that you cat to do for my

Mike here: You can contact Meade and request a replacement manual. Unfortunately, the manuals posted on their web site does not cover all the currently shipping telescopes.

Subject:	 DS 70 EC vs. ETX 70 AT
Sent:	Thursday, August 10, 2000 21:56:21
From:	mike.wu@propel.com (Mike Wu)
I've read good reviews on both the DS and ETX series.  What are the key
differences i should consider when deciding between a DS70-EC with
Autostar versus the ETX 70 AT?  Is there one you would recommend over
the other taking into account the price differences?

Thanks.  Your website is very helpful.

-Mike from Palo Alto, CA
Mike here: Glad you like the site. The basic differences in the DS vs ETX and EC vs AT models seem to be two each: The DS models are complete with tripod but can't be mounted in equatorial mode (only in Altitude/Azimuth) whereas the ETX models can be mounted either way since they don't include a tripod. However, for most users, Alt/Az is what they will use most times, so that difference may not matter much. The DS-EC models do not include the Autostar whereas the AT models do. Having the Autostar GOTO computer will help you locate objects that you might otherwise never observe, however, you'll need really dark skies to effectively use a 70mm aperture telescope.

Subject:	 Eyepieces
Sent:	Wednesday, August 9, 2000 07:19:14
From:	tfinan@cisco.com (Timothy Finan)
I have a quick (and probably dumb) question about eyepieces. I read on
one site that I should steer clear of any eyepiece that is less than
1.25", but the scope I am looking at (Meade DS-114EC) comes with a 9mm
and 25mm eyepiece, both of which are less than 1". I must assume that I
am not comparing the correct measurements...Is the 9mm/25mm a lense
measurement, while the 1.25" is some other measurements (eye cup) ???

	Tim Finan
Mike here: There are three sizes of eyepieces: 0.965, 1.25, and 2-inch. This measurement refers to the diameter of the eyepiece tube, and hence what size eyepiece will fit the telescope. Some telescopes use different size eyepieces. There are adapters to match the eyepiece to the telescope if you can't or don't have a match. The other "size" is the focal length of the eyepiece, which determines the magnification that will be available with that eyepiece. For any given telescope, the shorter the eyepiece the higher the magnification, using this formula:
Magnification = telescope focal length / eyepiece focal length


Thanks for you help.

Subject:	 DS vs ETX and Autostar
Sent:	Saturday, July 15, 2000 22:16:40
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (Dick Seymour)
Most (all?) of the reflector DS series are -only- Alt/Az mounts.

And they'll do anything the ETX will do, in Alt/Az. Track, point, chase
satellites, etc. (at least, i think they'll chase satellites... Rom
Mariotti has one, and he apparently does)

Due to the mount geometry, they have different travel limits, but that's
not much of a factor.

The #497 Autostar will work with both ETX and DS models.

The #495 Autostar will not work with an ETX90 or ETX125, but will work
with the rest of the old crowd (i.e. all DS models).

The #495 has a smaller database... so you can't waste time staring at
black holes.

(if you run out of the 495's 1400 objects, complain.. until then, Back
to the eyepiece!...)


Subject:	 DS Power
Sent:	Saturday, July 8, 2000 10:49:50
From:	bedair@tucomm.net (Steve & Cathy Bedair)
I have just finished a new DS powered mount for my Astro Rubinar. This
mount uses the 497 Autostar , DS motors &  65 tooth nylon worm gears
from  Ford  electric window motors. Works great and very portable. I
have posted more info at:
Thanks Mike for a great site,
             Steve Bedair   /    Longview , Tx.
DS drive

Subject:	 Autostar for DS series telescopes
Sent:	Friday, July 7, 2000 07:34:43
From:	WaterfieldB@oceusa.com (Waterfield, Bob)
I just got hold of a Meade DS114 ES Scope and have the Autostar 495 for
it. I know your site is primarily dedicated to ETX telescopes, so I
thought I would ask before I started to make post to your site.  I have
some questions to post that deal with the Autostar controller as well as
the Scope.
Is this ok by you.

Bob Waterfield
Mike here: DS and Autostar questions and comments certainly welcome. There is the DS Models Feedback page and since most Autostar questions came be applicable to all models of the Autostar, I put Autostar questions/comments on the Autostar Feedback page.

Subject:	 Question about the DS series vs the ETX
Sent:	Thursday, July 6, 2000 14:34:41
From:	kvgeorge@sprintparanet.com (Ken George)
I used to own and old ETX 90RA and sold it out of frustration when Meade
came out with the computer controlled ETX for the same price 2 mo.
later. I could have spent the $300 to upgrade, but that was half the
cost of a new scope and I alread laid-out $600 for the scope originally.

To my dismay I sold my scope. Now, I want to get back into it and was
considering the DS series since I can get more aperature for the $. My
question is this: The ETX will automatically track objects in the sky.
Does the DS series also track, or is the controller only for lining-up
objects and the user must periodically re-center objects as the earth
Mike here: Since I'm traveling I don't have easy access to the web to check Meade's site but I assume you can do that for info on the DS models. I would expect the DS EC models could track if the mount is set up for equatorial. If you add the Autostar you can track in Alt/Az.

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