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Subject:	Autoguide to a ds2114 mount 
Sent:	Tuesday, February 20, 2007 01:43:37
From:	Polykarpos Parioritsas (p.parioritsas@rfs.gr)
I am watching your site for some time now and I have to congratulate you
of all the good work you are doing.

If it is not much trouble I wanted to ask you a question.

I am building a patent on a ds2114 mount and I was wondering if I could
supply autoguide (via a webcam and a laptop) to this mount. Is this
possible? If not, is it possible to the etx series mounts?

Thank you in advance
Mike here: With the ETX models with an AutoStar #497 in Polar Mode it is possible. So I suspect with a DS in equatorial mode and with an AutoStar #497 it should be possible.


Thank you for your time and your quick answer.

From your answer I quess an autostar#497 would apply on a DS mount (is
this correct?)...

That is encouraging to go on with my patent, after I finish it I will
send a post to your site.

Wish you clear skies...

Thank you and take care

Mike here: As noted on Meade's AutoStar update page (http://www.meade.com/support/auto.html), the #497 works with all DS and DS-2000 models.
Subject:	Replacing a focuser
Sent:	Sunday, February 4, 2007 07:43:24
From:	Mitch Averhoff (angrycubano@yahoo.com)
I bought a replacement focuser for the cheap, plastic one the DS 114
comes with.  I looked everywhere to see if Meade had one for my scope
but they didn't.  I didn't realize that they make focusers with
different lengths and now it won't focus because apparently it is not
the right length for my tube.  I see that there are focuser extensions
or other accesories.  Can you suggest the easiest, quickest, and most
inexpensive way to fix this?  I got rid of the original focuser so
that's not an option.  Will I have to buy another focuser or will
another piece to fit to mine work?
Thanks again,
Mike here: I don't have a DS model and I don't know what replacement focuser you have so can't comment directly. But how you solve your problem will depend on the direction where you don't have enough focus travel. If inward, then perhaps you can trim off a portion of the focuser. If outward perhaps you can reach a focus if you don't fully insert the eyepiece. If the latter turns out to the case you can "permanently" solve the problem by adding a "parfocal ring" to each of your eyepieces to keep the eyepiece from being fully inserted.


Thanks for the advice but I'm not sure I follow.  Basically the focuser
doesn't go down far enough to the 2ndary mirror.  As I move it closer to
the mirror the image starts to get focused but it stops right before it
gets focused.  If I cut the focuser it will still not get close enough
to the mirror.
Mike here: There are two ways to approach the "cutting" problem: from the top or from the bottom. If you cut from the bottom the focuser tube will get get closer to the secondary; if you cut from the top the eyepiece focal plane will get close to the secondary.
Subject:	12v power for scope
Sent:	Friday, February 2, 2007 13:38:20
From:	Chris Hill (shermanjumbo45@bellsouth.net)
When i am in reach of an electrical outlet, would it be possible to
power my meade ds with connecting a 12v dc power supply instead of using
the batt pack ? It doesent have a plug for a power supply, but I can
custom make a connection to the wires that the batt pack connects to.
Mike here: Should work as long as you keep the polarity correct and the amperage sufficient. I don't know what the amperage requirement is for your DS model; the ETX models range from 1000mA to 1500mA and the LXD55/75 goes up to 2500mA (at least, that is how their respective adapters from Meade are rated).
Subject:	Cleaning mirrors
Sent:	Wednesday, January 31, 2007 20:01:26
From:	Mitch Averhoff (angrycubano@yahoo.com)
I read your advice on cleaning mirrors but instead of leaving it to a
novice such as myself, I bought a cleaning kit and it did wonders.  The
mirror is spotless and the film is gone.  Thanks for your advice.  If
not for you I would have just bought another mirror, which who knows how
much that would've cost me.

Thanks again.  I can't wait to finally try out my clean mirror and new
Thanks again,

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