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Subject:	Stary NIght & LXD 55-75
Sent:	Sunday, February 25, 2007 15:40:13
From:	Steve (
I recently purchased Starry Night thinking I could use it to control the
LXD55.  However I cannot find a driver that the program will recognize
to connect the telescope.  Can I use Starry Night to control the mount? 
I downloaded the latest Ascom drivers but no luck.
Mike here: I don't have Starry Night but it should control the AutoStar. Are you using Mac OS X or Windows? Do you have the #505 serial cable? Do you have a real RS-232 serial port or are you using a USB-serial adapter?


I am using Windows XP.  I am using a USB-serial adapter as my laptop
does not have a serial port.  I have to plead ignorance on the #505. 
Let me just say that it is the same cable set up that I use with the
laptop when I am running in Autostar Suite and I can use it to control
the telescope with no problem.  My goal is to be able to click on an
object on the computer screen and have the telescope slew to that
object.  I gut feeling is that it ought to work, but I am not there yet.
I wonder why Meade does not have this capability in their software?
Mike here: Since you have a working set up I suspect you just need to configure Starry Night. Contact their Tech Support for any assistance with their software.


I got it to work!  I updated autostar.  I was using version 2 something
or other, and updated it to the latest release, and changed com ports
and it worked!  Its pretty neat too.  Click on an object on the screen,
and it goes right to it  Next step, to see if I can get the DSI II to
work at the same time.

Subject:	starry night bluestar
Sent:	Friday, February 2, 2007 19:48:52
From:	Brian King (
Have you or someone you might know ever use the starry night blue star
the wireless remote control for a telescope? Reading sky and telescope
magazine they did a review on the remote control. I was wondering if it
works well with the etx 125? What kind of equipment the etx might need
that would be extra to buy. Great site thanks for all the work you have
put into the site it has been a great help.  Thanks Brian
Mike here: I have used the StarLink bluetooth wireless autostar control with some apps on my Mac OS X system. See the Accessory Reviews: Showcase Products page. If you search the ETX Site for "Bluestar Bluetooth" you will get several hits.

And more on Starry Night and BlueStar:

Subject:	ETX70 to BlueStar connection
Sent:	Sunday, February 4, 2007 05:10:50
From:	Henrik VAN HOLTHOON (
I did send this message to Starry Night via your site I found out they
have put my diagram to adapt BlueStar to ETX70 on their site, I realized
it was not clear enough due to the availability of telephone connector
blocks to connect two RJ cables together.

Regards Henrik

I have seen you have put my the diagram on your site concerning adapter
cable for ETX70/506 to BlueStar adapter although the diagram is correct
maybe you should ad the following.

I did not change the standard 506 cable this means RJ506 and RJA are
connected with a small telephone connector block however unfortunately
this little block crosswires the cable. Original I used a second block
to turn the cable again and then with a strait cable into BlueStar. This
was OK but not a very elegant, the solution is to mount RJB upside down
so on my drawing RJB should be NOTCH UP. I was not able to get a non
crosswired telephone connector block in Holland but maybe this is not a
problem in the US, if it is available drawing does not have to be
changed. In all cases measure leads to find out if the block is
crosswired or not.

With correct adapter cable ETX70 to BlueStar operates perfect with PC or

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