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Subject:	DSX Mount
Sent:	Saturday, February 16, 2008 08:21:26
From:	Jack Merskin (
I am trying to remount an older 'ETX-90 RA on a DSX mount, a DS 2000 I
believe.  The problem is the altitude drive doesn't work under the
weight of the 90 RA.  No matter what tension I put on it, it doesn't
want to move in the up direction.  I'm thinking I might be missing a
washer or something.

I have looked on your sight but I can't find any info about the
construction of this mount.  Perhaps you or one of your readers can
direct me to a site that has the plans or pictures of the internals of
this mount.

Thanks again for the great site and sorry to hear of the theft.
Mike here: There are 8 ETX on DS mount articles on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page but they don't go into the DS mount construction. You might find them useful however.


Thanks for the reply.  I think there is a problem with the clutch
mechanism.  I've looked at most of the articles on the DS mounts on your
site, none so far are any help.  Thanks again for the reply.


I figured it out.  I took the mount apart since it wasn't doing me any
good.  The clutch assembly is a simple friction fit.  The problem with
mine was there was some grease on the large washer that make up the
clutch.  I cleaned it off, matter of fact I cleaned off the entire
inside of the arm and now it is working.

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