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Subject:	DSX-125 will not work with my Celestron Power Tank17
Sent:	Thursday, January 31, 2008 17:44:57
From:	Robert Spicer (spicerr@hotmail.com)
I burned up my go to mount when I tried to use the power tank on my
scope. It burned up immediately. I have another mount coming and I do
not want to ruin it either. Am I missing something? I put a 9volt
connector on a cig lighter cord and plugged into the Power Tank 12 volt
cig outlet and that is how it burned up. The outlet puts out 12 volts
and 10 amps.I read an article of a gentleman that did this off your
website and he had great success. I then cut the cig plug off the cord
and soldered a 9volt pin connector and plugged it in the 9volt 1 amp
side of the Power Tank. It does not even power up a walkie talkie. Any
suggestions would help. I am sorry to hear of your loss of your eqt too.
thnx Robert
Mike here: Not having a DSX I can't answer directly. But could you have reversed the polarity? I would think the 12VDC would power the DSX-125 just fine. It does my ETX-125.


Ok thnx for your feedback, I will make sure of the connections before I
hook it up to my new mount, thx Robert

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