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Subject:	Putting Autostar on the ETX-90RA
Sent:	Tuesday, February 17, 2009 21:05:39
From:	Bill Pearce (
The best thing to do here is to find a used Complete ETX90 EC Base
W/Controller and trunions (tube mountings), and just transfer the tube
to the new base. I would advise getting the Autostar 497 controller, it
has a larger database, and is easier to update.

I had both the RA and EC bases. The RH  trunion had to be heavily
modified to fit the AT fork arm. This included making my own clutch
assembly. It works great, and has no slippage, and the GOTO is dead on.
I would not go this route unless you have experience in this area. I did
see online at: that they
have a RH tube adapter made of machined aluminum for around $75. Looks
like a really nicely constructed piece. I may buy one myself just in
case. But for right now, I'm satisfied.

Good Luck,

Subject:	Putting Autostar on the ETX-90RA
Sent:	Sunday, February 8, 2009 13:53:24
From:	Robert M (
Can you tell me if any of your readers has modified this scope and ended
up with a reliable "go-to" system?
Mike here: The ETX-90RA is not AutoStar capable. You could either put the OTA on a different mount or use something like the "JMI NGC-microMAX/NGC-MAX" (if still available; see the Accessory Reviews: Miscellaneous page on my ETX Site).

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