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Subject:	Meade ds-2114atse reflecting telescope.
Sent:	Monday, April 29, 2002 14:53:58
From:	Dclark546@aol.com
Hi: I'm new at telescopes and having bought the ds-2114ATSE SCOPE. I can
see the moon fine. but when I look at any planet all I see is a white
ball and the image of my relecting miror (spider)  I  bought several
filters, i have 18mm wide angle 1.25 eyepiece, a mh50mm 2" eyepiece,
.0965  sr4mm, h12mm and h25mm eyepieces and now matter how is look at
jupiter all I see is a white ball with my spider  , yet the moon in all
my eyepieces is totally clear, no spider.  What am I doing wrong that I
can't see anything on any planet? thanks for any help.. Dan
Mike here: When you focus on the Moon and get the craters clear, are you then changing the focus when you try to view planets? I suspect you are in attempt to make the planets larger. Sorry, telescopes don't work that way. The planets will appear much smaller than the Moon when in focus.
Subject:	power supply
Sent:	Monday, April 29, 2002 11:33:18
From:	John01F@aol.com
dont know if you can help i have 114egdh4 the power supply is 15v all
external cables are 12v anyone know of someplace to purchase a power
cable for this unit ? 
thanks carl
Mike here: Check the Power Supply articles on the Telescope Tech Tips page; you might find some useful info there.
End of 30 April update

Subject:	Laptop control of a DS 90EC
Sent:	Thursday, April 25, 2002 10:48:46
From:	mikelorr@postoffice.swbell.net
I have just recently received my new DS 90EC.  I read somewhere that I
can control to GOTO functions of this scope with a laptop rather than
the 494 controller that came with the scope.  If this is correct can I
download all of the info from Meade so I can have the database that the
497 controller has?

Also, recently I was at website where a guy was using a laptop to
control his scope and he indicated he had several used laptops he was
selling cheap ($75).  Unfortunately I can't find the website again.  Has
anyone else stumbled upon this website?

Thx for the great DS info!

Mike Hovanec
Mike here: The computer controls the Autostar, which in turns controls the telescope. So you still need to use the Autostar. There are several programs which do this; you can find discussions or mentions of some of them on the ETX Site.
End of 27 April update

Subject:	DS-2114ATS/ATSE
Sent:	Wednesday, April 24, 2002 8:49:27
From:	ghundley@amre.com (Hundley, Gordon - Princeton)
I've been looking at the DS-2114ATS scope for a bit, and have discovered
that there is a sub-model. You're probably aware that the DS-2114ATS is
the replacement for the DS-114AT. What baffled me for a while was
references at dealers to DS-2114ATSE, which is not listed on Meade's web
site. I've since discovered that there is no difference in the 'scope,
mountings or controller. The change in product name reflects the
inclusion of an electronic eyepiece with RCA video output.

Nice site!


Subject:	Progress DS Motor Slew
Sent:	Tuesday, April 23, 2002 16:08:29
From:	mike-hadley@att.net
I have been bugging you guys over the past couple of months trying to
solve a slewing problem with my DS motors. After messing around with an
oscilloscope, switching motors, switching Autostars, playing with
training values, wrapping the motor control wires through torriods and
in general screwing with everything I could think of, I was ready to
break down and wire up an entirely new terminal block.  Yesterday I
thought, what the heck, I might as well call Mead and see if customer
support had heard of the symptoms. Well, sure nuf, the  rep said that
there had been an engineering change awhile back and he would send me
some new motors.

While I was on Meades web site looking for the customer support number I
noticed that I could no longer find the 493 kit (the one with the
Autostar and the DS-Motors). I assume that this means that they arent
selling the kits anymore (if so, Steve, bad news!).  Anyway I went to
Google and did a search on Meade DS motors and found this link:
http://www.data-plumber.com/dsmotors.htm which also referenced this
link: http://www.weasner.com/etx/techtips/ds-drive-mod.html . Tony
Georges problem description on Mikes site describes my symptoms to a
tee.  If I would have done the search in the first place I could have
saved a couple of months of messing around.

So, the moral of the story is:
1)	Dont hesitate to call Mead support early. They are friendly and
2)	Check Mike Weasners site really thoroughly when you have a problem
of this sort because the answer is likely there.

The motors from Mead should show up in a week or so. Ill let you know if
they fix my problem.

Mike H.

P.S. I sure hope that if Meade no longer offers the 492 & 493 motor kits
that they will at least sell individual DS motors.

Subject:	re: ?? about meade ds114ec
Sent:	Sunday, April 21, 2002 23:15:02
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (Richard Seymour)
To:	mickeddie@comcast.net
I don't have a ds-114ec, but have been acquainted with them for a while.
I do believe that all of the -114's have the same main mirror.
I never have figured out what model name means what mix of features/options

There are two Yahoo "Egroups" which focus on the DS- and 144m scopes.
The DS- One is:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meade-ds/

and the other is the "4504" group, which centers on the equatorially-mounted
 114mm's (4504 and 114EQ-DH4).. but the optics are the same as yours.

have fun

End of 24 April update

Subject:	?? about meade ds114ec
Sent:	Saturday, April 20, 2002 19:28:23
From:	mickeddie@comcast.net (Eddie and Michelle Goldberg)
I just bought the Meade DS114EC Quasar.  I learned the difference
between the Quasar and Jupter (both ds114ec) is the size of the
eyepieces, and the ds114ec white tube has better optics.  My question is
this...are the mirrors the same in all 3 DS114EC models?  What is the
difference between what I have and the Jupiter ds2114ec I saw on the
internet priced at $399?  (I got mine for $179)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Eddie Goldberg

End of 21 April update

Subject:	DS-114
Sent:	Tuesday, April 9, 2002 13:22:02
From:	jibrahimi@microstrategy.com (Ibrahimi, John)
I'm new at this.  I have been interested in Astronomy all my life but
never got a chance to pursue my dream.  Well, recently I purchased a
Meade DS-114 that came with two eye pieces, 25mm, and 9mm.  I have tried
every night to see things but the only thing I have been able to observe
is the reflection of my eye lashes.  what am I doing wrong?  I know the
telescope works, I can see great distances in the day time.  Can you
help me please?

Thanks in advance.
John Ibrahimi, Systems Engineer
Mike here: If you have been able to focus the eyepieces during the day time you should be able to focus at night. It is possible that you are not quite getting objects in focus. Unless you are looking at one of the planets, let your eyes dark adapt for at least 15 minutes before trying for faint objects. I would suggest practicing on Jupiter or Saturn; they are high in the sky right now. Once the Moon appears in the evening sky (another few days) you can practice with it.
End of 11 April update

Subject:	newbie here
Sent:	Saturday, April 6, 2002 18:47:27
From:	pjp@ij.net (PJP)
Stargazer in central Florida and complete novice here.

I was given a Meade Quasar DS114 EC Reflecting Telescope for my
birthday.  WHOA!!!!!

Are the DS series now outdated though, I couldn't find any info on them
on the Meade website?

Set up was kind of difficult with the manual in 'Greek' so to speak. 
But I think I may have it down.  Could you suggest where I might find a
more detailed manual ??

Also, I was wondering if there is a website for us 'novices' with hints,
guidelines, and suggestions, or maybe even chat or bulletin board

Thanks so much,

PJ Pettinato
Clearwater, FL 
Mike here: Don't know about a more detailed manual for the DS. But I think there is a DS discussion group on the Yahoo Groups. I haven't yet received my new Meade catalog but there does seem to be a new DS lineup (DS 2000 series) listed on Meade's web site. Also, check my ETX Site for a lot of DS related info.


Thanks a ton for the quick feedback!!!  I'll contact Meade first thing
Monday and see if they have a more detailed manual.  AND..loved the
site, great info.  Haven't gotten to the computer attachment part yet
(pray for me, I am blonde :)), but this all looks like tremendous fun,
once all together.

Here's to finding a new friend in cyber space!!!


And more:

Not to sound like a complete moron here, but is the felt piece on the
sky end of the telescope supposed to be removed?  I got a motor error on
the Autostar it said obstructed telescope or low batteries...I checked
the batteries, they are fine....all I can assume is there is a block.  I
removed the cap from the back end...and now all I see is that piece of
black felt over the sky end.

Sorry to sound so lame, but I never remove anything unless the
instructions indicate such, specifically.

thnx again,
Mike here: I haven't ever used a DS model so can't really say. But I wouldn't remove anything unless instructed to do so by the unpacking instructions.


I agree.  I'll wait till Monday and call Meade direct.  My reasoning
says the sky end of the lens is blocked with that black felt, but I do
not understand reflecting telescopes enough to trust simple reasoning.
And an update:
I truly had a 'blonde' moment.  Meade customer service had the problem
solved in 30 seconds.

The black felt piece is actually on the back side of the telescope on
this model.  It stays on and is NOT removed.  Unlike the DS-60,  the
DS-114 models have the viewing apparatus in the front of the telescope,
not the back.  Unfortunately the instruction manual diagrams are unclear
on these points, as they are used for all DS models.

So all is well.....at least with viewing daytime...wish me luck on
getting the computer to work tonight!!!!


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