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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT. Additional information on these models is available on the ETX-60AT & ETX-70AT Announcements page. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	ETX 60 power supply
Sent:	Tuesday, April 29, 2003 16:07:25
From: (Tom Gardner)
I am sending you an attachment of my home made power supply for my ETX
60 which runs on 9 volts. Problem is, I get variable voltage from the 9
volt connector which is expected. So I set the potentiometer at 9 volts
but when I connect it to the scope there is nothing. Afraid of the
worst, I did hook up the battery pack and everything is ok and works
fine. Polarity checked like 20 times before the hook up and besides, all
plugs are a mated plug, sort of goof proof. Can you help me figure out
what is wrong? I get the voltage but yet it acts as if it is dead?
                            Thanks for any help        Tom
Voltage Regulator

Mike here: I'm no electrical engineer so can't comment on the circuit diagram. I would suggest you look at the power supply articles on the Telescope Tech Tips page; maybe something there will provide you a clue.

Subject:	495 and ETX 70AT
Sent:	Sunday, April 27, 2003 14:29:39
From: (DH(Hotmail))
I hope it is alright to contact you directly.

There is a #495 controller coming up shortly on ebay Would that work
with an ETX 70AT, so that I can connect a #505 cable to scope and

The #506 cable comes with Software that I have already got, and the
package is too expensive over here (UK).

I understand I would have to re setup parameters, as per "Autostar #497
with ETX-70AT" in Other Information.

David Henderson
Mike here: Yes, it will work. But with a #505 cable you'll be able to run the Autostar Updater Application (on Meade's site) and update the #495 to a real #497 by updating the Autostar with the current ROM (2.6Ed).
Subject:	Train Drive problem
Sent:	Thursday, April 24, 2003 16:12:35
From: (Jack Fox)
I have had an ETX-70 for about 5 months and I am very satisfied with it.
The GOTO's have been fairly accurate.  I decided to do the Train Drive
to improve the accuracy.  I went through the check list of calibrating
the motors, checking all settings in the Setup Telescope for location,
model, Long & Lat., ALT/Az percentages, date, time (DST), mount and
leveling the mount and scope.  After I finished the Train Drive
procedure, I put it in the Home position and initialized  the telescope
entering all the data.  I did Easy two star alignment.  Before I did the
Train Drive, my alignment stars appeared almost dead centered.

Now after the procedure, the alignment stars appear outside the FOV.  I
went through the check list again, recalibrated ( I use a 12 volt
portable power source fully charged) ,and redid the Train Drive.  The
results were the same.  I repeated this over several nights and still
got the inaccurate results with the star alignments.  What could I be
doing wrong?  Do I need to do a RESET and start from scratch?  Also,
what are the correct Az/Alt percentages for the ETX-70?  They are both
preset on my Autostar at 25%.  Should they be 15% and 1%?  

Thank you for the great forum to share knowledge and experiences.

Jack Fox
Mike here: I would suggest doing a RESET. Also check the telescope model before doing the CALIBRATE and TRAIN DRIVES. Select a terrestrial object some distance away and do the training; don't forget to do both axes. As to percentages, on my ETX-70AT, which still has the factory training after two years of use, I show 50% for both.
Subject:	RE: ETX-60 Meade Telescope
Sent:	Tuesday, April 22, 2003 12:48:42
From: (Cooper, Paula)
I was just checking out your book "Using the Meade ETX" WOW and author.
I really appreciated the answer to my question below about the camera. 
Now I would like to know if your book would be helpful with my husband's
ETX 60?

Thanking you,
Mike here: There is a lot that is applicable to any ETX model and other small telescopes as well.
Subject:	Information on eyepiece
Sent:	Tuesday, April 22, 2003 06:09:09
From: (Amanlal)
My name is Amanlal and I am a South African,you supply very good
information on your site,Thanks.I recently purchased a Meade ETX 70 AT
and am new to the astronomy world,it is quite hard to get information
here for amateurs there are very few clubs to join in fact I only found
one.I wanted to know if you could please inform me as to what are the
right eyepieces to use to view planets? I have the standard 20mm and 9mm

Kind Regards
Mike here: For the short focal length and small aperture ETX-70AT, you probably want to consider a 2X or 3X Barlow Lens. That effectively doubles the number of eyepieces you have. Be certain to get the model specified in the manual.
Subject:	Advice on older scope.
Sent:	Monday, April 14, 2003 05:03:29
From: (Vampire Le Stat)
I've been offered an older MEADE QUARTZ LX DRIVE scope which is a
Schmidt Cassegrain F10, and D=102mm, F=1000mm. (Aperture fever strikes!)

I'm having problems identifying it and am wondering if you think it
would be a good investment? It has a DIN socket on the side, so I'm
wondering if there's any way my #497 could control it?

As an aside, I've been having a few good nights with my ETX70, but I
seem to be having problems with some deep sky. I have only managed to
'see' one galaxy so far, and that was a pale smudge. I live in an urban
area, so would travelling a few miles out of town help with my
observing? What eyepiece would be best for these objects, or does the
wizard known as #497 help me out there too?

I have been able to view the recent conjunction of Jupiter and the
Beehive cluster really well and have been impressed with my ETX. The
tracking is spot on now, especially after a couple of 'synchs'. The
spiral out function is really useful too.

Thanks for your help,

Mike here: I doubt that the Autostar would drive that older telescope, without modifications. Bright sky conditions will obscure all but the brightest nebulae and galaxies. So going to a dark site will help. Keep in mind that many Deep Sky Objects are very small so don't expect to see any real details in your ETX-70. Increasing magnification can help but also reduces the object's surface brightness, making it more difficult to see.
Subject:	Re:  ETX60At:  problem with Meade 3x#127barlow.:IT NOT WORK,conclusion
Sent:	Friday, April 11, 2003 16:00:46
From: (jorge santillan)
Good night Dear MIKEI sent it email in past week.About my MEADE #127
varible barlow 2x to 3x.I have a ETX60:::::::::THE BARLOW NOT WORK .Im
sure 100%.I read that somebody wrote: yes,work.And i read in the details
of the item(is a shame..i read late it),that Only is for Telecopes with
f/6 or longer!!.The ETX has f5/8  i cant foind a solution for my Big
barlow.1/it email is for help to other about it Not ETX
barlowandmaybe,there are a way of change the barrel or something for do
it to f 5/8? like the etx. Thanks!averyry for my english.

Subject:	ETX 60 conversion
Sent:	Tuesday, April 8, 2003 08:40:38
From: (Keri)
Has anyone out there attempted to mount  ETX 90 OTA on to an ETX 60
base? I am considering removing the 60 from the base to piggyback onto
my 10" sct, but I would still like to use the base for something, and an
ETX 90 OTA comes to mind...
Great site!
Mike here: See the Telescope Tech Tips page.
Subject:	I lost my battery case.  In need of serious help.
Sent:	Monday, April 7, 2003 19:38:16
From: (brocra)
Great Site!  I need some help.  I have an etx 60, and I lost the case
that the batteries go in.  Does meade sell a replacement?  I have not
been able to find one yet.  Any suggestions you have would really help. 
Mike here: Call them; they will send you a replacement.
Subject:	re: etx-60at
Sent:	Saturday, April 5, 2003 15:32:24
From: (Richard Seymour)
Mike gave the right answer, i'm just going to reword it.

SELECT (or ADD) Armarillo as your site.
Then, in Setup > Site > [enter], scroll up to
 Setup > Site > Edit [enter]
by pressing [enter] four times, you are offered 
the NAme, LAtitude, Longitude and Time Zone for editing,
but they will now have Armarillo's numbers shown.
So there's your Time Zone.
EST=-5, CST=-6, MST=-7, PST=-8

The Time Zone is **not** changed for Daylight Savings.
The Daylight Savings answer adjusts based upon the Standard Time Zone.

have fun

Subject:	ETX60At:  problem with Meade 3x#127 Barlow??
Sent:	Saturday, April 5, 2003 11:51:35
From: (jorge santillan)
Good night,and thanks for your very valuable site!.

I have a ETX60AT.

i have a MEADE #127 varable barlox 2X 3X.Large tube.

The tube is large.It model of barlow is NOT for the ETX?

or it can work if im adding a erecting prism in the 'Photo port' ?


Mike here: The ETX models tend to work better with either a "shorty" Barlow Lens (like the #126). There are two Barlow Lens models recommended for the ETX-70AT: 2X = #124 and 3X = #128. Don't know if the erecting prism would help or hurt the situation with the #127.


Thanks for your fast reply!.
Today in the night or tomrrow ,i will be let know it.
The tube of it large Barlow of Meade,only can fit between x2.7 to 3x of
this lines inside.Only the extreme.
The site is THE SITE! for EXT

Subject:	Re: Confused
Sent:	Saturday, April 5, 2003 8:15:09
From: (Al Massaro)
Thanks, I have looked at all of the P.S. entries on the page and am
still not sure which way to go. I think I am going to try the radio
shack setup or something similar to it, the unit I have ready access to
has a pot for voltage output adjustment, which raises another question,
of max voltage allowable to the unit. I have read that it can accept up
to 15 v. safely, true? I won't start that high but am concerned about
not getting the pot down to an allowable level to start.
Mike here: 12 VDC is best. Don't push it. Amperage is more important to avoid slewing problems.
Subject:	Confused
Sent:	Saturday, April 5, 2003 7:55:01
From: (Al Massaro)
Thanks for the web page first off, it is a great source for info!

I am still somewhat confused as to which power supply setup to use for
my little ETX 60, any suggestions or favorites you would recommend?

I am off to town to find the book (yours) today, small town USA can be
difficult to find things in.

Thanks again 
    Al Massaro
MIke here: and OPT should have the book. Thanks. As to power supplies, you could get the Meade one; alternatively, see the Telescope Tech Tips page, lots of info on Power Supplies there.
Subject:	etx-60at
Sent:	Friday, April 4, 2003 22:38:04
From: (pokey)
on custom setup how do you find the time zone now its at -000.0 i live
in a remote area and there are no large towns around amarillo texas is
the closest to the south. and liberal ks is the closest to the north.
any time you do the setup its way off of your stars.
Mike here: You can EDIT either the entry to the North or one to South of your location. If you don't know your exact latitude and longitude you can look it up using the web page "Latitude/Longitude Lookup" on the Astronomy Links page (there are many sites on the Web where you can determine your lat/long). Just edit the entry and put in your correct city name and lat/long. Don't forget the DST change Sunday morning.
Subject:	ETX 70
Sent:	Thursday, April 3, 2003 12:52:35
From: (De Ruddere Peter)
I getting more and more impressed by my ETX 70. I have tested now
several times, and if it is ok for you i will send you soon my
experiences, almost afraid to questions.
But your site is for me verry usseful !

Thanks again


Subject:	Alignment Problems in North Wales
Sent:	Wednesday, April 2, 2003 6:36:29
From: (Julian Thompson-Hill)
Great site! Now to problems. I have just bought an ETX-70AT as my first
scope and am a total novice. I am finding it impossible to get the
Autostar aligned on any stars. on the Easy align the scope slews all
over the place often 30-70 degrees from where I think the correct
alignment stars are located.

I have set the correct longitude and latitude for my location - 53.33 N,
3.40W, the time is right. I am getting conflicting advice as to how to
get the initial Home alignment. If I understand the general instructions
I should face the scope to North as per a compass but Meade UK have told
me ignore compasses and face the scope to Polaris which very often is
nowhere near to my compass heading of North.

I should be very grateful if you would let me have the idiots guide to
alignment as this appears to fit my situation!! Do RA and Dec scales
both have to be set to 0? Should the RA scale 0 arrow be facing North
and the Scope then turne to Polaris.

I look forward to hearing from you as I am getting very frustrated at
not being able to even start using this wonderful piece of equipment. I
am sorry if this is so basic a question. I have tried the FAQ and this
does not help me very much.

Julian Thompson-Hill
Mike here: Ignore the setting circles for now (see the FAQ page for info on setting the DEC scale if you want to). Also, you do need to use True North, not Magnetic North. I haven't checked the difference in the UK but if you can see Polaris, point towards its direction (but not AT it). For more info on alignments, see the Autostar Information page.

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