Last updated: 11 April 2004
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Subject: EXT105: Amp Rating and Fuse for portable power supply
Date: 4/9/04, 11:51
From: Kaustav Bhattacharya (
I purchased a portable power supply unit for my ETX105. It's rated at
18Amps, 12V output. There is a cigarette lighter style socket on the
side and the connector/cable which plugs in to the PSU has a 1 Amp fuse
in it. Is this too low to drive the ETX105? Should I use a 3Amp fuse
instead? I have already ensured that the connector is centre positive
which I believe it the right thing for the ETX105.


Kaustav Bhattacharya
Mike here: The Meade AC Adapter is rated at 1.5A.

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