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Subject:	etx 125
Sent:	Monday, April 19, 2004 22:12:33
From:	"Henry Levenson" (
I haven't even pulled it out of the box yet.

Why is the etx 125 not as suitable for deep sky objects as the Nexstar 5
series is??

Henry L.
Mike here: Who says that? But as I recall, the NexStar5 is a "faster" system optically. Anyway, you can see many examples of ETX DSO photography (which doesn't necessarily indicate what the eye will see) on my ETX Site. Also, check out the User Observations page.
Date: 4/8/04, 10:30
From: Helen Hague (
hi i have been all over the web trying to work out which telescope to
buy. i have about a thousand pounds(uk) to spend and have been looking
at the mead ext 125 but i'm not sure and it is a lot of cash. the scope
will be used at home so size and weight are not realy an issue. if you
could send me in the right direction before my wife changes her mind i
would much appricate it. rob
Mike here: Please read the Email Etiquette item on the ETX Home Page; your message was originally deleted UNREAD as SPAM due to the missing subject entry.
The best telescope is the one that gets used. Many times people purchase a telescope that is too large or too cumbersome or too difficult. Then it stays in the closet. You need to decide HOW you want to use it and what your expectations are. Certainly, the ETX-125 is a nice telescope; read the User Observations to get some indication of what you will be able to see and how effectively.

Subject: Re: ETX125 for DSOs
Date: 4/7/04, 21:25
From: FatCat (
Thanks for the quick reply. 

My real question is that pictures are usually long exposure showing
clouds and colors ie. the HorseHead. Can you see any of these details
through an ETX125? I was told that you see nothing but black space but
after 2 hours of camera exposure, it shows up in the printed results.
Mike here: Yes, most objects will appear as a faint fuzzy objects in small telescopes. Some objects will have obvious shapes but don't expect to see colors in DSOs. M42 will show color in large apertures (looks beautiful through a 20" Dob). But generally, no matter the telescope, don't expect to see the same details as in photos.

Subject: ETX125 for DSOs
Date: 4/7/04, 20:08
From: FatCat (
Visited your site several times and being you are an authority on ETXs.
Can you tell me from your experience if the ETX125 with a 5" aperture
F15 able to see DSOs comfortably?  I am looking for a scope that could
be used for planetary and DSOs.  My sights are on the ETX125 and a
Celestron 8" or 10" Newtronian.

I appreciate your advice.

Mike here: As you can see from the User Observations and photos, the ETX-125 can be used for planets and DSOs. However, a larger aperture will perform even better. For serious work, you want as large an aperture as you can use (and will use) and afford.

Subject: Experience from Saudi Arabia
Date: 4/2/04, 05:06
From: Amr Saif (
I would like to thank you and the contributors to this site for their
valuable comments which helped me in choosing the right Telescope.  
Finaly, I bought The ETX 125 with UHTC for about 1200 $ .  The price
difference between etx models is less than 100 $ here in Saudi Arabia so
the decision to buy the etx 125 was easy. Also all telescopes come with
UHTC.   I read that there are newer etxs that have aluminum internal
parts instead of plastics. How can I now if my telescope is one of them
given that the manufucturing date of the tube is 2001 and the model is
ETX 125EC which comes with HB +delux field tripod ?


Mike here: Check the article ""New" vs "Old" - How to Tell" on the ETX-125 Feedback page.

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