Last updated: 11 April 2004
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Subject: Re: ETX and Planetarium on Treo 600
Date: 4/8/04, 08:44
From: Gaboury Benoit (
Thanks for the quick response.  i contacted the software designer and he
sent an updated LX200 driver that may solve the problem.  I will try it
out tonight.  If it works I'll send the correspondence for you to post.


And an update:
The updated LX200 driver (now posted on the Planetarium website) solves
the problem.  Interestingly, one recommended cabling solution didn't
work (ETX PC cable + null modem + HotSync serial cable).  I think it is
because the null modem didn't match the pin through diagram in the


Subject: ETX and Planetarium on Treo 600
Date: 4/7/04, 10:33
From: Gaboury Benoit (
I love your site, and have a question...

I have an ETX 125 and a Treo 600 running Palm OS 5.  I use Cartes du
Ciel on my WIndows computer and Planetarium on the pda.  Cartes du Ciel
is fantastic freeware and runs the ETX fine.  I have been unable to get
the pda with Planetarium to run the scope no matter what cable I try. 
Has anyone had success with this combo (Treo 600-Planetarium-ETX)?

gabe benoit

Professor Gaboury Benoit
        Director, Center for Coastal and Watershed Systems
        Co-Director, Hixon Center for Urban Ecology
Yale's Environment School
New Haven CT  06520

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