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Subject:	DS-114EC compatible AutoStar?
Sent:	Thursday, April 21, 2005 15:45:48
From:	KThBucher@aol.com (KThBucher@aol.com)
recently I've had the occasion to buy a used Meade DS-114EC telescope.
Unfortunately it lacks an "AutoStar" controller, although the electric
motors are part of the equipment.

Manuals say that the #494 and #495 models can be used. What about the
new #497 controller: Is this compatible to my DS-114EC, and what
advantage has the newer controller?

Mike here: The #497 can be used with any DS models. The #497 is not a NEW Autostar, it has been around for years. The #497 (and #495) are user upgradeable; the #494 is not. Plus the #497 has more objects in its database than the #494. Also, the #497 has a keypad for numeric entry and the #494 does not.


Thanks a lot for responding exactly and completely to my question.
I do appreciate your lovely site, and I'll be back for sure!

Subject:	#494 autostar
Sent:	Wednesday, April 20, 2005 08:29:13
From:	jc9658@optonline.net (jc9658@optonline.net)
I have a DS 2130AT Meade w/ #494 autostar.  I was wondering if the unit
is good for its application and whether or nor not an upgrade is
possible (to say a #495)???

Joe Cavalieri
Manalapan, NJ
Mike here: Depending upon how you plan to use the telescope, the #494 could be just fine for you. You can purchase a used #495 or a new or used #497 for use with any DS model. If you get a #495 it can be upgraded via software to a #497 as long as you have a #505 serial cable and a Mac or PC with a serial connection.


TY for your reply!  I plan to use it for limited deep space viewing.  I
just wasnt sure if the 494 was inadequate.  Thanks for the advice sir. 
Nice service you provide to newbs btw!
Mike here: It has about 1500 objects vs 31,000. But once you see all 1500, then you could think about getting a #497.


Lol great point.  I will upgrade than.

Subject:	DS-2130AT or ETX 70 AT
Sent:	Friday, April 1, 2005 16:14:52
From:	Eric... (ericholland@btconnect.com)
I have a choice of ETX 70 or DS-2130 this will be my first scope and
will be used as all round planet and deep space viewing.
I would like to do photography with them also.
Which one should I buy?
With Thanks.   Eric Holland, Liverpool, UK.
Mike here: See my comments on the ETX-70 linked from the top of the current "ETX-60, ETX-70" feedback page. Also, read through the comments on the Helpful Information: User Observations. That should give you a good idea of what the ETX-70 can do. If that doesn't meet your requirements (and I doubt it will), then go for the DS.

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