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Subject:	ETX 105 User Feedback
Sent:	Friday, March 31, 2006 14:34:18
From:	thebostons (
This is just a brief comment from a 105 ETX AC owner. In January 2003 my
Meade 105 ETX arrived as a surprise from my precious wife. I never
dreamed of owning a telescope before that day. With the help of a friend
who had a 125 all the magic things were done on to the Autostar, during
the daylight, that needed to be done. That night in my back yard, with
all the light pollution, I leveled the tripod, placed the ETX in the
"Home Position", entered the information requested on the Autostar and I
was off to one of the greatest adventures of my life. Since that day NOT
ONE adjustment has been made to the telescope. As of last night, when I
commanded the telescope to go to M 81, it slewed for a few moments,
beeped, and I looked into my 26mm SP eyepiece. There was the faint
grayish glow of the magnificent galaxy. I continued running the ETX
through its paces, made mistakes during entries, backed up and reentered
objects of my affection and still the ETX centered, or very nearly
centered, the object in my FOV. I prefer to star hop so I'm forced to
learn the celestial coordinances and the various star-fields but, when I
just want to see several objects over a short time span I still go to
the GOTO and this marvelous little machine continues to amaze me every
viewing session. I'm sure a "big light bucket" would show more objects
in larger format but for someone new to astronomy I can't praise the ETX
enough. For the inexperienced I'd recommend you take your unopened, new
telescope to a starparty and ask an ETX owner to assist you with all the
setup and alignment the first time. Any ETX owner will be proud to
"showoff their stuff" by getting you started. Have you ever known a kid
who didn't like to show off his toys? We're just big kids with more
expensive toys. And we love to show off what we know. If you're in the
market for a fine instrument for viewing the celestial sphere GOTO the
Meade ETX. Be sure to get the Autostar, the Deluxe Tripod and maybe
another eyepiece or two.

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