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Subject:	DSX 125 base threads
Sent:	Wednesday, April 19, 2006 14:59:43
From:	Caruso, Dante ((Space Technology)) (dante.caruso@ngc.com)
Ive been looking for info in the DSX 125 and a problem I have that might
be a common one .  The base threads are stripping and making the
horizontal lock hard to control/adjust

Have you seen any schematic or pictures anywhere for the inside of the
base or have you heard of this problem and what might be done to fix it

I cant find any information 
Mike here: Haven't heard that.


Thanks Mike for getting back to me.  

One other question.  Have you seen any post on slipping of the DS/DSX
mount in Azimuth.  There is a bolt in the battery compartment that Ive
read can be adjusted but it either prevents movement altogether if made
too tight or allows slippage if too loose.  I cant find the happy
medium.  I also cant find a disassembly instruction anywhere.  I was
hoping to see a repair instruction similar to the famous "slip ring" fix
for the alt. which I already did

Any thoughts. 
Mike here: Don't recall any such comments but you can always try the ETX Site search capability or look back through the small number of DSX feedback pages in the Feedback Archives.

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