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Subject:	Hi Mike - I just purchased a MEADE Telescope.....
Sent:	Saturday, August 21, 2004 18:57:28
From:	Brad George (bcmgokc@cox.net)
I do hope you read this e-mail - I am BRAND NEW to the world of
telescopes - I happened upon a garage sale today, and bought a MEADE 320
Telescope and wooden tripod with a few odds and ends of eye pieces
etc...The telescope "looks" to be in great shape - I have NO CLUE how to
use it though - It came only with the information on how to put it
together, not a user manual. It is already "together" but I am very sure
it's probably not adjusted properly - I am starting at square one with
it, and would love to be able to use it with my 2 daughters and my wife,
as well as with our Boy Scout Troop that I am the Scout Master of.

Any thoughts about this telescope, and any helpful hints on where to go
from square one?

Thank you very much - I do apprecaite your input.
Have a great weekend.
Brad George
Mike here: You could take a look at the manuals page on Meade's website (http://www.meade.com/manuals/index.html); I didn't see a 320 there but one might be close enough. You could also read through Sky and Telescopes HOW TO on telescopes at: http://skyandtelescope.com/howto/scopes/article_241_1.asp. You could also call Meade; if they still have manuals for that model they would probably send you one.
Subject:	connection autostar 494 to pc
Sent:	Thursday, August 19, 2004 08:40:38
From:	Maxime Sall (hydromaxime@yahoo.fr)

Mike here: Yes, the 494 with #506 will work, at least for ETX scopes. I haven't heard that it doesn't work for DS scopes. But I decided to check the Meade web site and found this:
"506 Connector Cable Set: Enables any Autostar-equipped DS telescope to be operated through a personal computer, using the Meade StarNavigator astro software included with the telescope."
Check the Astronomy Links page for some dealers in countries near you.
Subject:	Autostar 497 for DS scopes
Sent:	Friday, August 13, 2004 04:20:32
From:	colin martin (colin@cfwmartin.co.uk)
I have read that the 497 AS can be used on the DS scopes but cant find
the DS scope option on the 497 AS telescope menu

What other scope configuration would one use instead? I have the 31e
version installed on my AS.


Colin Martin
Mike here: When you connect to the DS, it should show up. Try disconnecting (with the power off), reconnecting, and then powering on. Do a RESET. You will then need to re-enter everything and if the model shows up, select it and do a CALIBRATE and TRAIN DRIVES.


Many thanks Mike.
What a fantastic response

Subject:	RE: DS-2070 Ausrichtung I can't even find the moon
Sent:	Thursday, August 12, 2004 11:29:01
From:	Holleboom L. (L.Holleboom@phys.uu.nl)
I want to thank you for your willing to help me. After a few phonecalls
with Meade and the shop where I bought the scope, there was no problem
anymore. Meade told me it was a problem of Meade that Meade will take
care of. They took it at my home and wil deliver it again after the've
repaired it. Once again I want to thank you for your help. I'm sorry for
this late reply, because I was out of the country I couldn't check or
send email.

I hope that in the future you want to help me with questions and maybe
problem I cannot figure out myself.

Lars Holleboom

Subject:	Fine focus question for a Meade 2130AT
Sent:	Wednesday, August 4, 2004 21:33:20
From:	The Williamsons (ljtm@wideopenwest.com)
I have recently purchased a Meade 2130AT.  Is there an adapter that one
can purchase that would allow for fine focus adjustments?  I find that
simply touching the focus tube causes vibration...most distracting at
the higher mag's..

Thank you
J W.

Subject:	DS-2070 Ausrichtung I can't even find the moon
Sent:	Tuesday, August 3, 2004 04:17:41
From:	Holleboom L. (L.Holleboom@phys.uu.nl)
My problem with the DS-2070 is that when I give all the parameters into
the remote, setting Arcturus and Altair for positioning, and then search
for an object in the solarsystem for example the moon, the telescope
starts to move and points in the wrong direction. What is wrong with my
telescope. I have levelled the tube horizontally and pointed it to
north. After positioning the remote tells me the ausrichtung is o.k. And
still it finds no object. Even if i return to the setting stars arcturus
or altair or vega, the scope does not find them again. The tracking
system looses every star in about 2 minutes. What can I do?

Waiting for your reply,

Mike here: Lets start at the beginning. When the first alignment star is picked by the Autostar (using Easy Alignment) how far off is the pointing?


It is in the viewfinder, not even near the center
Mike here: Well, actually that may not be that bad. If your HOME position was perfect and all the settings in the Autostar were perfect AND the finderscope was perfectly aligned to the ETX then the star would appear in the center. But that rarely happens unless you are very careful with the setups. OK, so once you center the star in the eyepiece, how far off is the second star?

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