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Subject:	Latest upgrades to my ETX-125 OTA
Sent:	Wednesday, August 9, 2006 22:18:43
From:	The Brown Family (
I wanted to pass on my latest upgrade to my ETX-125.

As you may remember, I have just the OTA, which I bolted to my vintage
Meade #826 EQ tripod. This was a super stable mount, but VERY heavy!

I found a complete Meade DS-2000 mount with #494 Autostar, which
originally housed a 5-inch long tube reflector. I did some math, and
realised that my ETX OTA was about 3 lbs lighter than the original

It turns out that the ETX-125 OTA mounts easily to this unit, and
actually works very well! The shakes damp out in about 2 seconds, it
tracks very well (wait until I train the drives!), and the best part is
that the whole setup can be lifted with one hand! So many objects at my
disposal, I can now see why Meade designed this telescope to have Go-To!

I know I have just recreated Meade's DSX-125 (for less than $300.00,
using pre-owned components) but I am overjoyed with the results!

My next upgrade is a 1.25 inch Mogg focal reducer, which recreates an
f/6.3 reducer. I'm still trying to break into the 30x range with a
1900mm focal length!

If all else fails, I still have that old 2-inch 38mm erfle, converted to
1.25 inch, of course!

Chris Brown 

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