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Subject:	Re: User Observations - DSX Feedback Column
Sent:	Wednesday, August 9, 2006 03:57:38
From:	Dieter.Wolf@DNSint.com (Dieter.Wolf@DNSint.com)
To: Dave Wallace
thanks for the interesting DSX90 report; think you got a fine scope.

But I was surprised - as Mike - you should see M57 in the ETX-90. I know
about light 'green-gray' skies as I live in the outer parts of a 1.5
million people city (Munich, Germany) with three street lights
brightening my garden. Nevertheless I see M57 with my 'hardly 3 inch'
ETX-70AT as it is a high contrast and relatively bright DSO in high

There is a difference of what you see with your eyes to what you get on
the chip, but as comparison this is a 80x(only)6s exposure of M57 with
ToUCam SC1 at prime focus of ETX-70AT (done in 2003)


Enjoy your DSX90 and as dark skies as possible...

Dieter (Munich, Germany)


From:	Dave Wallace (d_wallace@ecrm.com)
I won't argue with a master astrophotographer like yourself.  But this
is what my sky looks like.  That's M31 in the top-center region of the
shot.  30 seconds, ISO 800, 50mm f/1.4 Canon Digital Rebel 300D.  Taken
in October of 2005 on a night with relatively low humidity.  M31 was
about 30 degrees altitude at the time.  (The bright orange glow is
Lowell, MA.)

M31 is almost never a naked-eye object for me.  I usually don't need a
light to read star charts.
Mike here: That's actually a pretty good shot of M31! Darken the sky a little bit in an image editing software package and you might get something you'd be amazed at.


Hi Dave,

thanks for your flattering, but if you want to see someone who really
'squeezed' out the last photon - have a look at  e.g. Job Geheniau.  I
understand your situation, it's definitly hard.  Have you considered a
skyglow filter (never tried one by myself)?  I very rarely can see M31
with naked eyes in my garden too and I have never seen M13.  But maybe
the sky itself is a bit better at my location and the problems here are
disturbing lights (that can be shadowed) See the full moon competing
with one of my street lights.


Don't give up! There are beautiful objects out there for every location
/ light situation and besides your LXD-75 you now have a portable DSX to
go to darker places.

Dieter (Munich, Germany)


Here's the same object, taken with the same camera and lens and probably
the same exposure.  Except this shot was from Kapa`a, Kaui HI.


Subject:	DSX-90 vs ETX-90
Sent:	Wednesday, August 2, 2006 17:02:43
From:	Yesid Lopez (yesidlopez@hotmail.com)
Putting the light field tripod of the DSX-90 aside:
Are the the optical, mechanical  and computer performances in the DSX-90
comparable to those of the ETX-90?

I own an ETX-90, which is showing aging symptoms since I bought it
second hand. I'm thinking of selling it and buying a brand new DSX-90
from Meade's Factory Outlet. I'd do so because I cannot afford another
ETX but may be I could buy a DSLR with the excedent money. Would the
DSX-90 do fine for me or will I miss the ETX performance.

Sincerely yours,

Yesid Lpez
Bogot, Colombia.
Mike here: As noted in the DSX-90 description at Meade's site, it is the same OTA as the ETX-90 but on a DS-2000 mount. And it comes with the Autostar #497. So the only differences in performance with be the ETX mount vs the DS-2000 mount. As to using a DSLR, keep in mind that the DS-2000 mount is likely to handle less weight than the ETX mount.

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