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Subject:	Meade ETX-125AT /UHTC
Sent:	Tuesday, December 6, 2005 00:23:19
From:	Frederick James Witney (
Having  read just about everybody  else's thoughts and idea's about the
ETX-90EC ,,plus the few reports about the new ETX125AT  UHTC ,I think
its time for me to have a go ..........

Having gained the Astronomy bug from a Tasco 302012  many years back , I
purchased a ETX-90EC .It was fun and a great big learning curve for me .

I spent the first few weeks cursing the thing ,,even though it looked
good on the dining room cabinet and even better secured to my #1 pier
outside in the paddock on the hill. I was having problems with the Mead
manual , Autostar  and my Southern Hemisphere set up

After a lot of reading and experimenting I got the` thing `working the
way it was advertised by Meade ,,,well nearly !

I didn't find  much  help in the `setting up` for the Southern
Hemisphere ,but I have overcame that with a bit of common sense trial
and cursing ,and a lot of error . Just get the correct info into the
Autostar ,  have a level North set-up home position and allow for
magnetic deviation ...............

At last  I took the plunge and bought me a brand new ETX-125AT UHTC from
Bintel Sydney Australia .I got a good deal as the US exchange rates were
to my advantage .

I kept a few of my eyepieces I had from the ETX-90EC ,,yes I sold `her`
to fund the purchase costs of the ETX-125.

When the new scope came it was checked out, re- boxed with the Autostar 
`tuned` by the gentlemen at Bintel Sydney.

All I had to do was set it up on one of my piers (#2 pier has just been
concreted into  another paddock) ,then  do the home position ,set the
correct date ,the EXACT time and all the rest of the Autostar entries
,,,,then hit Align . I did the two star Align but didn't get a good
result .Did the one star and found a star in the finder ,this was just
so easy .

After a few GOTO`s ,,,it (she)found every object in the finder and with
a bit of adjustment from my new Meade Electric Focuser I was away into
the Heavens above (metaphorically speaking ).

I was impressed ,I have never seen objects as close and as clear through
an eyepiece in all my tender 60years .

Its amazing how simple it is to set-up on either pier,and then get an
observation going in a mater of minutes .

Both of my fixed piers are set very accurately to the north for AltAz
observations and concreted far into Mother Earth . I will get a wedge or
modify the Meade #884 tripod wedge to fit both piers at a later date
,then try some Astrophotography .The accessories for my Pentax DSLR
should arrive soon ?

I have just sold the Tasco and ETX-90EC ,in the future  I might purchase
a used 8inch Meade ??

To summarise the Meade experience .

It has been an active learning curve ,finding information on the Web ,
reading Astronomy Books and looking up the many Astronomy sites around
the World .

Thanks Mike and Clay for your help on this great site and to all of you
who sent information , told us your  ETX problems ,posted your
modifications and much more on this site , to all of you  ,,,,a hearty
thanks .
Its sure  helped me................................
NSW Australia


From:	P. Clay Sherrod (
Thank you for a wonderful letter....
You have reminded me why we are all interested in the sky and I am very
glad that the scope is bringing you much enjoyment (in addition, of
course, to the usual frustrations!).

Dr. Clay
Arkansas Sky Observatories
Harvard MPC H41 (Petit Jean Mountain)
Harvard MPC H45 (Petit Jean Mountain South)
Harvard MPC H43 (Conway)
Harvard MPC H44 (Cascade Mountain)

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