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Subject:	Difference Of ETX-90AT and DSX-90AT ???
Sent:	Tuesday, December 6, 2005 18:54:26
From:	Roy Sio (robroy11976@hotmail.com)
Hi, just wanted to ask what's the difference between the two meade
products in terms of quality??? I know that the ETX could do
astrophotography ... but can the DSX do it too???  The DSX-90AT is
selling cheaper than the ETX-90AT.
Mike here: The telescope itself is the same; it is only the mount that is different. The DSX uses the lower end DS models mount whereas the ETX uses a higher end, relatively speaking, mount. As such, the DSX is really only suited to Alt/Az operation. The ETX can be easily used in Polar as well as Alt/Az mode. Yes, the DSX can do some types of astrophotography but keep in mind that nearly all astrophotography has its challenges and the mounting will make a difference.


Thanks for your reply ... So in your opinion ... it's better to get the
ETX-80AT than a DSX-90AT???  They both priced almost the same ...
ETX-80AT is shorter range right???
Mike here: Depends. The ETX-80 is a fine wide field instrument since it has such a short focal length. On the other hand, some users have been disappointed in the views due to the low magnifications available with it. If you haven't done so already you might want to read my comments on the ETX-70 on the Helpful Information: Buyer/New User Tips page as well as the ETX and DSX comments on the Helpful Information: User Observations page.
Subject:	Q. on Meade DSX-90/125 
Sent:	Friday, December 2, 2005 13:07:08
From:	pb (peterbaitz@yahoo.com)
I located your website
and was interested when you purchased your Meade DSX-125 from the eBay
Meade Factory Outlet ?

Reason being there is a DSX-90AT up there for sale but I would rather
get the somewhat larger aperature in the 125 model.  Might I ask how
much they asked for the DSX-125 and if you have seen it for sale up
there or anywhere else on the internet recently? And has your experience
with it been good?

Reason I ask is also because I have been reviewing Cassagrain GOTO
scopes (Meade, Celestron, Bushnell, etc.) and had my eye on this scope
as well, and wondered if you had any experience or knew of anyone who
used this:

Bushnell Northstar 5" goto Cassegrain $318 through

Many thanks,
Mike here: I've not seen any reports on the Bushnell telescope but then I haven't searched for any.


From:	SpiritHDMC@aol.com (SpiritHDMC@aol.com)
I purchased a DSX-125 on the Meade Factory outlet store.  I am extremely
please with my purchase!  I spent $479, I believe.  It wasn't over $500!
The optics are fantastic, the mount sturdy, and the goto is impressive.
Only disappointment, not able to polar / equatorial mount for long
exposure photography.  If you're not taking long exposure photography,
then this scope is a big bang for the buck.

I haven't seen any for sale recently either.  It's been replaced by the
new ETX-125 Premier. It was available at www.brookstone.com for a while.
Only the 90 is there, now.

After a dozen books and hundreds of hours on the internet, I'm finding
that all telescope companies produce high quality products.  I've also
found that there is no "one special" telescope that will do everything.
You just have to research to find what you want in particular.  I know
that's not the advice that you wanted!  If you have appeture fever, then
try an inexpensive Dobsonian.  You can get an 8 inch computerized Orion
scope for about $400 but the portability is terrible.  It's a huge
scope!  The best telescope out there is one that you will use.  If you
have a dark back yard away from city lights with no major tree
obstructions, this would great - then you could get a huge Dobsonian. If
you have to travel to set up or live in an apartment, the DSX-90 might
be a good deal for you.

I've read fantastic reviews for the Celestron telescopes.  They are
Meade's closest competitor.  The 5" Celestron scopes are close in price.
If you want views of deep sky objects, at least a 5".  For better views,
then go to an 8".  For planetary views, a 3" can actually do very well. 
As far as which one?  Geez, there are Dobsonians, Reflector, Refractor,
and then the Schmits and Cassegrains and so forth.  They all have their
good and bad points.

Wish I could be of more help.
Ricky Anderson

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