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Subject:	Mac Video Integration Software!
Sent:	Monday, December 26, 2005 23:40:28
From:	Navid Voghoofi (
Congradulations on your outstanding site.  

I have been looking for a video integration software, similar to
AstroVideo, for Mac for a while.  The only one that exists currently is
compatible only with Windows.  The only one I found for Mac costs $50. 
So I decided to create my own integration software.  I have recently
finished developing the application.  It is only 924k to download.  I
named it Astro Integrater.  Please try it for yourself and let me know
your opinion about it.

You can download it from my website at

Happy Holidays,
Mike here: What imagers does it work with?


My program shoud work with any Webcam or Video Camera that is Mac
Happy New Year!

Subject:	Computer controlling without an autostar
Sent:	Wednesday, December 14, 2005 15:31:56
From:	will (
I have an ETX 90 OTA on a DS mount with an Autostar 494. What computer
software & hardware is needed to control my mount with just a laptop &
without the Autostar. Thanks Nicholas
Mike here: The software controls the Autostar, which controls the telescope. So the Autostar is needed.

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