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Subject:	Used Meade ETX info
Sent:	Saturday, December 9, 2006 16:32:10
From:	Fred L. Minker (
I have a chance to pick up a Meade telescope from a friend at what I
think is a reasonable price, but don't know for sure.

The only information that I can find on it is what is printed on the
front lens holder, eye piece and finder. This includes the following:
Meade ETX, MAKSUTOV-CASSEGRAIN Telescope, D=90mm, F=1250mm, f/13.8 and
Multi-Coated Optics.

The eye piece has printed on it; Meade Super PLOSSL 25mm LP multi-coated
and the "finder" has Meade 8X21mm.

It appears to have an off & on switch on the bottom so I assume that it
has power for something. I would like to have what ever information that
you may be willing to give me. Other then the nice looking tripod,
Vanguard VT-548B, and its handles nothing else comes with it.

He says that he was given the telescope as a gift 3 or 4 years ago and
has never used it. It appears to be as new.

Would you be able to give me some idea as to what it may be worth? As he
has been unable to find the manual as yet could you give me a possible
source for finding one and what I should ask for?
Respectfully Yours;
Fred L. Minker
Sequim, Wa
Mike here: Since it has a power switch on the bottom, that makes it the original (1996-1998) model ETX (now known as the ETX-90RA). It is not upgradable to an AutoStar GOTO controlled ETX model. However, it is still an effective telescope (and is the one that I started with in 1996 that resulted in my creating my "Mighty ETX Site"). As to cost, it was originally $495 (in 1996) and sold new for about $295 a few years back. As to a manual, see the FAQ page on my ETX Site for where to find manuals.
Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I was able to down load a manual
from a link on your web page. Thanks again

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