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Subject:	Using StarNavigator to control a DS-114
Sent:	Wednesday, February 27, 2002 10:19:39
From:	REGGAESUN@aol.com
I wanted to first thank you for your site.  I was wondering if it is
possible to control the DS-114 via a 505 cable using the star navigator
software that came with my telecope.  I have a laptop and would much
rather use this means than spend the money for a Autostar system.  Have
you had any experience with Starnavigator, is the software any
good?Thanks again,Mark Weirreggaesun@aol.com
Mike here: I have no experience with that software. But the software send the commands to the Autostar so an Autostar is needed.
Subject:	Barlow Lens Question
Sent:	Sunday, February 24, 2002 11:24:31
From:	dh36@juno.com (daniel @ hendrickson.tc)
I'd first off like to say what a great telescope site you have and how
helpful I find it, being an amateur.  I was wondering then, if you
perhaps knew a solution to a problem I'm having or at least know of a
site that may be able to help.  I have a Meade DS-114, and recently
purchased a Meade 2x Telenegative Barlow Lens.  I put the barlow lens
in, but the image blurred completely.  I cleaned the lens with a special
lens cleaner but it didnt seem to help.  I adjusted the focuser several
times, slowly, to see if the image would finally become sharp, but the
craters on the moon stayed unfocused, and the shape of jupiter never
became distinct.  Thanks a lot for listening,

Mike here: What focal length eyepiece were you trying in combination with the Barlow Lens?


The two lens I have and used it on was the MH 9MM and MH 25MM
Mike here: I suspect you could have been expecting too much. Keep in mind that there is a max theoretical magnification for any telescope (twice the aperture in millimeters). Also, there will be some deterioration of the view by adding a Barlow Lens into the optical path. Alternatively, the Barlow Lens unit purchased may not work with that model telescope; if it won't focus at all you may need to purchase one that the manufacturer says will work.
Subject:	DS114
Sent:	Wednesday, February 20, 2002 14:03:39
From:	buraget@vulcangroup.com (Tim Burage)


Mike here: You can probably attach any finderscope (using those holes or other means). See the Accessory Reviews - Finderscopes for some ideas. You might also want to check the Orion Binoculars and Telescopes site for some options.
Subject:	Advice
Sent:	Monday, February 18, 2002 21:55:15
From:	the_magills@hotmail.com (Corey Magill)
Great web site, I stumbled across it looking for some info and hope you
can help.

I purchased a Meade DS-60 from Wal Mart for my 7 year old daughter and I
to use. I am very new to this and am looking for help with books that we
can read together, and is the DS-60 good? I saw on EBAY a ETX 60 for
sale for $220, Would that be a better but than the DS-60?

Any help and all help welcomed.
Mike here: The DS-60 focal length is twice that of the ETX-60, meaning you'll get better magnification from it, but only up to the same max as the ETX-60AT (which is twice the aperture in millimeters, or 120X). Other than the, they are similar. I don't have the DS telescopes and have no direct experience with them however. As to books, take a look at the Accessory Reviews - Books for some ideas.
Subject:	Question about Autostar compatibility...
Sent:	Saturday, February 9, 2002 20:21:59
From:	Scott9482@aol.com
I currently own an ETX-125 (with dozens of accessories).

I am planning on buying a DS-90.  I was just wondering if my 497
Autostar controller (That I use for my ETX-125) would be compatible with
the DS-90, or do I need to buy the 494 autstar?

Mike here: As discussed in more detail in the article "Autostar Models" on the Autostar Information, the answer is yes.
Subject:	DS 114 AT, Power Connect failure and Elect. Interference Problem
Sent:	Wednesday, February 6, 2002 21:54:30
From:	Jolooote@cs.com
Hi. I've had two problems with my new DS 114 AT. One I've figured out,
the other I'm looking for help. 1st the fixed problem; When using my
110V AC adapter for power, plugged into the same outlet as my backyard
hottub, My scope would lose alignment or show 'Motor Failure' msg or any
number of strange things.  Drove me crazy until I noticed it happened
when the hot tub automatic heater kicked in.  Removed all from the
circuit except the scope. All's fine. I read somewhere that these scopes
are very susceptible to electrical interference's including nearby power

Problem # 2. I need help.  Sometimes when I am slewing the scope I
suddenly lose power.  This happens with both the battery pack and the AC
adapter. I than have to unplug from the control panel on the side of the
scope and rotate the connector 'JUSST RIIIIIGHT' to make connection
again. I've cleaned all connector surfaces time and again. Any clues? 

Mike here: The circuitry in the telescopes (DS and ETX) do appear to be affected by electrical noise or dropouts. So any disturbance on the power line to the telescope can affect the scope. As to the loosing power when slewing, is the power connector the part that is loose or the handcontroller? Anyway, check both and be certain they don't vibration loose while the motors are running. You can secure the connectors in various ways: "fatten up" the connector plug with tape or toothpicks, for example, or use a rubberband. You might try the rubberband first to see if that removes the problem. If the connectors are tight, then the problem may be more internal than external.
Subject:	re: 114EQ-DH at Amazon
Sent:	Wednesday, February 6, 2002 7:57:04
From:	ericc@sdscomputers.com (Eric Capponi)

The 144EQ-DH pictured on Amazon's web site is NOT the scope they are
selling! The scope you will get from them is motorized on one axis only.
It comes with an EC controller. I spoke to Meade about this and they
told me this scope would not accept any other controller. According to
them, Amazon was showing the wrong picture. Amazon has now cropped the
picture so you can not see the controller, but it still shows a scope
with both axis's motorized, again, this is not the scope you will get if
you order it from them. I did order one, received it and promptly
returned it to them.

Subject:	Telescope's erratic movement!
Sent:	Sunday, February 3, 2002 4:26:45
From:	r.rondjeff@verizon.net (Ron)
I got a Meade Telestar DS 2130 ATE for Christmas, one built for Walmart.
 I have not been very happy with the telescope for various reasons,
mainly, very cheaply made.

One of the main problems while trying to center a star in the eyepiece
is the erratic movement of the telescope.  When I push the button to
move the scope, the scope doesn't respond for several seconds then all
of a sudden it jumps and the star moves completely out of the eyepiece.
Then a problem started with not wanting to track very well, the star
would slowly drift out of the eyepiece.  If and when you could finally
get the telescope to track it would start to pulsate, giving the star in
the eyepiece a jerking motion.

I called Meade about the problem and they sent me a new computer but
this one has the same problem with the erratic behavior.

I have gone through training the drives and other steps numerous times
with this new part, as I did with the old one, to no avail. Also the new
part has allot of sloppiness in the dec adjustment knob.  I can not
level this telescopes tube with the 0 degree mark as it is off by about
5 degrees,  My work around for this problem is to put a level on the

I guess my main question is; do I have two malfunctioning parts or is
there something I don't understand.

Even though the Telescope is still in warranty it is getting costly
sending parts back to the company for replacement.

Any help you or anyone else could give me would be greatly appreciated.
I am through trying to get the problems solved through Meade.

Thanks very much for your wonderful Web Site and help,
Mike here: I can't speak directly to the DS models from Walmart but a couple of thoughts. Re: the DEC scale; it should be adjustable. You should be able to loosen something that secures the scale and rotate it until it reads correctly. This can be done with the ETX telescopes. However, the scale position has nothing to do with the Autostar computer; the only important part is the leveling of the telescope tube when starting an Alt/Az alignment. You indicated you TRAINed the drives and all the rest but just to confirm: the proper telescope model is selected in the Autostar, you have RESET, reCALIBRATEd, and then reTRAINed. Do in that order. You can adjust the "percentages" (see the article "Setting Percentages For Better Tracking" on the Autostar Information page) but you shouldn't have to do that.


I will try all of the suggestions you  have mentioned.  It appears that
the Dec scale is only adjustable through the up and down movement of the
tube arm.  I will continue to level the tube in the home position when
starting to align the telescope.
Thanks for your reply,

Subject:	RE: DS-127 drifting off objects and causing vibration
Sent:	Thursday, January 31, 2002 22:16:13
From:	lori@mtelegence.com (Lori Barbour)
To:	alan@johnson.za.net
Mike is right about the training, read the letter I sent in Autostar
Feedback section 31 January.

As for the vibration, first check that the mirror is not too tightly
held in it's mirror cell. To do this, when looking at an object that
looks blurred by vibration from the motors press and hold the enter
button then release. This resyncs the telescope but it first turns off
the motors. If the blur disappears then it is caused by vibration (if
this is the case slacken the drive axis and retrain). If the blur is
still there as I found on my DS127 then the problem is with the mirror.
I took the scope to the local astro club's telescope making class and
they tested the mirror and it looked bad in one part. When the mirror
was taken out of the cell it was fine. We put it back in to the cell but
did not tighten down the clips and now it is fine.

Hope this helps!
Raymond Barbour
South Africa

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