Last updated: 16 February 2003
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Subject:	Autostar and Starry Nights Pro software
Sent:	Saturday, February 15, 2003 3:22:56
From: (Robert Wrobel WROBEL)
Does anyone know if S.N professional with link up my ETX90EC with
Autostar. And where can I purchase this software for the best price?

                                 Thanks, Bob Wrobel
                                 Pt. Pleasant, NJ   
Mike here: Yes, I believe it does (but don't have a copy personally). Depending upon your computer, you may need a USB-serial adapter. As to where to buy, personally, I use MacConnection, MacZones, and MacWarehouse.


Thanks Mike, I'll try those three stores. It's just been SOOOO cold here
in NJ (10-15 degrees at night) that the only stargazing I'll be doing is
on my computer monitor. Mike, quick question. I was down in Costa Rica
on vacation (should have stayed there till springtime) last month and
while observing the constellation Orion it was almost tipped on its side
horizontally from down there. Is that because its 9 degrees north of the
equator down there.Thanks.
Mike here: When viewed in the east or west from near the equator, Orion will be on its "side". When viewed from the Southern Hemisphere and it is transiting, Orion will be standing on his "head". Such is life on our little dirtball.


Mike, thanks for the quick reply !!!

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