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Subject: pick the right ETX 105
Date: 2/2/04, 15:04
From: Tomas Hekkers (
after owning an ETX 90AT now since May 2003 I decided to switch it at my
local dealer for an ETX 105. I am very fond of the ETX family and made
great journeys through the sky last year including following and
sketching Mars last summer.

I can make a deal in switching the scopes at my local dealer but there
is a thing that bothers me. At your site I read about some disturbing
experiences with the 105. Therefore I have a few questions.

1. Is there a run 105's made by Meade that have the same flaws?

2. Can I recognize these versions anyhow, (maybe by serialnumber?) to
pick out the right one?

The european supplied ETXs all have UHTC (standard) and the serialnumber
on the 105 I layed my eyes on is MEE 1680 (silver plate on OTA)

As a pleased and autostar-spoiled ETX-user I wanna stay happy with a
good new 105, please help me out, clear skies and smooth

From the Netherlands best regards,
Tomas J. Hekkers

Mike here: Not that I know of.


it's done. I bought the 105 the dealer had in store. I asked him if I
could run a testdrive (like buying a and he agreed.
Autostar's aligned perfectly. Now it just waiting for a clear sky. It's
common under dutch astronomers that you have 6 weeks cloudy weather when
you buy a new scope.....

Keep up the good work,

Tomas Hekkers

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