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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-125EC and ETX-125AT. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX and DS models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject: New 125 OTA threads larger--dew shield falls out
Date: 2/28/04, 20:58
From: Becky Hawley (
I got a brand new ETX 125AT UHTC from Meade when they lost my older ETX
I sent in for repair (long story). I tried screwing the #678 dew shield
into the OTA, and it just slipped in! It appears the OTA threads are
about 1 mm larger than the dew shield. My old etx wasn't UHTC, I called
and asked if UHTC had anything to do with this issue (I didn't think it
was and Meade confirmed. They sent me a new #678, which I knew wasn't
the problem, and sure enough, it wasn't. They agreed to repair it, but
the images are so good in this scope that I really didn't want to risk
sending it back. I learned about this site from the Astromart guy I
traded with for the ETX. I read up on the "old" vs "new". I checked and
I do have the new mount, but why the OTA is larger is a mystery. I
figure I can just use a Kendrick flex dew shield, when I need to. You

Kudos on a great site!

Jim Hawley
Loveland, Colorado USA
Mike here: Strange that the tube has a different dimension. Does the aperture cover screw in tightly? As to other dewshields, the wrap-around kind should be OK.


Yes, the lens cover fits fine. When I held up the threads of it against
the treads of the dew shield, I eyeballed about the 1 mm difference I
mentioned. Since I live in the mountains of Colorado, I don't use a dew
shield much anyway. But I still wonder how the tooling could change like
that. Since this is a brand new ETX directly from Meade, I wonder if
others will have the same problem in the future?
Jim Hawley

Subject: New ETX 125
Date: 2/22/04, 07:15
From: Tom Slater (
I have used and enjoyed your site to explore what all I can expect from
my subj. telescope.  I use an NS11GPS at home and needed a scope to
travel with me on the road.  I am an electrical engineer travelling all
over the world and to combat boredom I decided on the ETX125 as a
travelling companion.

Although I am accustomed to that really biiiig hole in the front of the
telescope I am discovering that the ETX125 will do some amazing things. 
It is a lot of telescope for the money.

Thanks for the informative site.

Tom Slater
Adamsville,  Ohio   USA
40:01:47N 81:51:16W

Subject: New ETX 125 w. UHTC received from Woodland Hills Camera
Date: 2/18/04, 18:28
From: Paul Zadach (
I got my new ETX 125 yesterday and of course the first thing I wanted to
do was see if I got the old or the new version.  I checked the tests
including unscrewing the the left hand fork lock and found by comparing
the pictures on your site that this is the new model.  Don't know if all
the UHTC models are automatically the new models, but wanted to say that
I am very happy with the service from WHC.  They returned my e-mails the
same day, and seem to be a credible company.  And no, I do not work for
Clear skys,

Subject: ETX-125AT for terrestrial photography
Date: 2/18/04, 11:41
From: Jim Durham (
I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the 125AT for
terrestrial photography and if there was somewhere I could look at some
example shots?

I have just purchased a Canon 10D and would like to get an idea how the
125AT might stack up as a long focal length lens for wildlife shots. The
main thing that concerns me is the f15.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jim Durham
Mike here: I don't recall any specific ETX-125 terrestrial photos. I know there are some birders that use the ETX-90. You could search the Site for "terrestrial"; you'll get lots of hits, most of which don't have photos though.

Subject: Missing screws in Fork arms on ETX-125
Date: 2/12/04, 03:54
From: David Harvey (
Great site and thanks for the has to be very time

I noticed where another person with a new ETX-125 commented on the
'apparantly missing ' screws in the fork arms, 3 on each side under the
DEC knobs.  I also found this to be the case on my new ETX-125 and
thought for sure that this was a definite assembly error during

Now, I'm beginning to wonder if the screws were intentionally left out
by Meade and ALL etx-125's are made without them.

Does anyone have information on this?
Thanks again!
Mike here: Like you I suspect those are just holes, possibly for some other purpose.

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