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Subject:	meade vs orion
Sent:	Friday, February 25, 2005 18:34:30
From:	Sonny Adams (
I was considering buying ETX 125 but then came across this idea on an
Orion. I realize this doesn't have the go-to but that really isn't that
important to me. My question to you is , do you have any experience with
this scope or Orion scopes in general? Are the optics as good as or
better than Meade?
Orion - StarMax 127mm Maksutov on AstroView EQ Mount
Mike here: I have no direct experience with Orion telescopes (although I do have a pair of nice binoculars from them). You can read someone else's comments on the StarMax from three years ago linked from the top of the current ETX-125 Feedback page.
Subject:	first light with ETX 125
Sent:	Sunday, February 20, 2005 12:17:30
From:	Jakob Jorgensen (
I ordered an EXT 105 and my scope finally arrived! Just one problem I
opened the shipping box and found and EXT 125! So I called the store and
offered to split the difference with them and they accepted!

After reading the manual and then Mike's ETX book which came the same
day as the scope! Great book!! Thanks to the book I also ordered the dew
shield, fleix-focus and some filters. I aligned the finder scope and
trained the drives. I finally got out for the first time to have a quick
look and was very impressed with the optics. (this was with fair seeing,
can't wait for a good clear night). I observed Saturn with the 26mm eye
piece, it was very sharp and the ring very distinct!  I also looked at
the Orion nebula, again very  impressed! Also checked out the moon at
the end with the 26 and a celestron 2x barlow I had, the details on the
moon surface was great. Next item I need is a good 13mm eye piece. Any
recommendations? Did not stay out too long as it was cold and the clouds
started coming in. I have not used the autostar this first time as I
wanted to see the optics first and also my back yard has too many trees.
my next time out will be in a field near by where I can check out the
autostar, can't wait!

Jakob Jorgensen
Mike here: Super! Are you sure you want a 13mm eyepiece? Since you have a 2X Barlow Lens, you are getting the same effective magnification when used with the 26mm eyepiece.


Good point. I do want to get a good quality, higher magnification eye
piece to view the planets any recommendations?
Mike here: See the Accessory Reviews: Eyepieces page.
Subject:	Meade #1247 Focuser for ETX-125 PE
Sent:	Friday, February 4, 2005 17:31:01
From:	Dave Olkowski (
Just wanted to pass on some information for any one buying a new EXT-125
Premeir edition telescope and having troubles installing the #1247
electric focuser to it. I have called Meade tech support and they are
looking in to it but when i received the scope and focuser i could not
get the focuser to mount to the scope do to an enlargement of the
overall diameter of the PE Tube and mount. What happens is when i try to
push the focuser motor into the scope the data cord hits the back of the
scope intead of going over the top edge. I also checked out your site to
see if there was a difference in the 2 scopes mounting screw location
and sure enough the mounting screw on the original ETX-125  is much
closer to the edge of the scope allowing the cord to pass by the scope
unobstructed. On the PE model the mountig screw is about an inch away
from the edge of the scope and the cord cannot pass by the scope
therefore not allowing the focuser to be mounted. As far as i know there
is no other focuser designed specifically for the PE model but iam sure
they will have to make one now. The guys at Meade said they will call me
next week when they can look at the 2 scopes side by side to determine
if iam correct. In the Meantime i would suggest that any one buying the
ETX-125PE should not buy the #1247 electric focuser until this has been
resolved. Sincerly David Olkowski

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