Last updated: 19 February 2005
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Subject:	Re: ETX90 RA Adhesive Secondary baffle / Focus
Sent:	Saturday, February 19, 2005 00:34:23

Rev'd ETX90 from Meade.  Fine focus seems to have returned, a 48 power
view of Jupiter and moons has pin point sharp moon images.  Saturn with
rings also sharp.

Used 4mm to push scope to 312power resulting in a tad fuzzy Jupiter with
moons, but viewable.  Scott Roberts, True to his word to make things
right, called today to follow up on their repairs.  You just can't ask
for better customer contact for a 1997 product.

Repeated the star test and this time the dark disk is perfectly centered
through in/out of focus range.

I found the best power range for the ETX is 48-100 and overall the
15mm/83power the most useful, what is your opinion?

Thanks again for you comments.

Mike here: Glad things are good now. Certainly that magnification is a "sweet spot" for the ETX-90 but I've easily gone to 200X on good nights and even higher on bright objects.
Subject:	ETX90EC Base
Sent:	Sunday, February 13, 2005 13:52:50
From:	Allen Sellick (
I need your expertise agin, I have a ETX-90AR OTA that I got as a
spotting scope but it came off of a RA base. Well I was wondering if It
will fit on to the EC base. Here is what the OTA looks like. I don't
want to get it if it will not fit like it should.

Thank you for your time Allen Sellick
Mike here: yes, the OTA will fit
Subject:	meade etx-90at
Sent:	Thursday, February 3, 2005 15:25:10
From:	Martin Ersted DR UNG (
my name is martin, and im from denmark, copenhagen.
found your site, which was great ;-)

Im thinking about buying a meade etx-90at telescope, but im in doubt,
and have some questions you might can answer? It is my first
Is it a good telescope?
Is it difficult to set up?
How big is the memory?
what possibilities do i have to connect it to my Mac?

I hope that you can help me,

Many reguards
Mike here: As you can tell from the Site, yes, it is a good telescope. Read the Helpful Information: User Observations for some example reports.
No, it is not "difficult" to set up. But you should read the manual, even three times, and play with the system indoors to get the steps down.
Memory? If you mean the Autostar GOTO computer, it holds some 30,000 objects, which is more than you will be able to see with the ETX-90.
There are many ways and software to control the ETX with your Macintosh. See the article "Update Autostar using a Mac" on the Helpful information: Autostar Info page. Also, see the writeups on the Accessory Reviews: Software page, including ScopeDriver and AstroPlanner.
Subject:	ETX90 RA Adhesive Secondary baffle / Focus
Sent:	Tuesday, February 1, 2005 23:13:40
First visit, great site Mike;

Question: Could a repair and misaligned secondary baffle affect focus
and brightness?

Meade was kind enough to repair my 1997 ETX90RA in January under
warranty due to known adhesive problems. When returned this week the
focus and brightness are not what was experienced when new or prior to
repair. Sunday night, a cool 40 at 11pm, observation of Saturn, Jupiter
with moons just wasn't' bright and sharp.. Frankly, the image was far
clearer on my grand child's Bushnell NorthStar 73mm reflector! Both
scopes were viewed at 48 power. At higher power I could not obtain a
sharp focused image on the ETX.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance, Ron

PS: I sent an email to Scott Roberts to see if he can check the repairs
that were recorded on the unit and perhaps help.
Mike here: Normally, the repair shouldn't affect those but if it was misaligned it could. Let me know what you hear. You might want to do a "star test"; see the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page if you need help with that.


tnx Mike, will check it tonight, Ron
And an update:
With 26mm on Polaris, overall rings were round through focus and out of
focus range, inner dark circle was slightly off center toward 10 or 11
o'clock. At higher 12mm on brighter star going in and out of focus range
produced light rays spreading from star toward 5 o'clock that would
settle into same ring variance of the 26mm as focus range was performed.

Not sure what this means but perhaps alignment is not a problem.
Mike here: Assuming the telescope hadn't quite reached "thermal equilibrium" (2-3 hours, depending upon the temperature with it was stored vs the outside air temperature), then you could be OK.


The scope had been outside for 8 hours prior to testing and the temp was
in low 60's.   The good news; Scott Roberts called today and will have
UPS pick up scope and have factory inspection performed under warranty.

You just can't ask more of a company with the 1997 product.

tnx again for your prompt replies, Ron

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