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Subject:	DS-114AT with Autostar #494 alignment problem.
Sent:	Thursday, February 24, 2005 07:10:59
From:	Colvin, Keith (keith.colvin@ngc.com)
I recently purchased a Meade DS-114AT with an Autostar #494 (used). 
 I cannot get it to align. 
 I go to any alignment mode and the AZ motor never stops. 
 I have correctly set my location, date, and time. 
 I have trained the drives (AZ and ALT). 
 When it searches for any alignment star, it keeps going around in
 circles until I pull the power plug.

Please help. 

Keith Colvin 
Mike here: Couple of questions: Have you set the telescope model and mounting mode in the Autostar? Have you done a CALIBRATE MOTORS? If not, do those, and then TRAIN DRIVES. If that doesn't cure it, try a RESET, CALIBRATE MOTORS, and then TRAIN DRIVES.
Subject:	3 faults with DS2070 in six weeks -- should I get an ETX?
Sent:	Wednesday, February 16, 2005 09:49:32
From:	Laurence Sillars (Laurence.Sillars@tate.org.uk)
What a fantastic website! I got a DS-2070 at Christmas and have had many
problems. Out of the box, the Azimuth slew didn't work and the focussing
jammed (after turning the wheel to pull the tube out a couple of inches
it got stuck). The Autostar LCD was also impossible to read. The store
replaced the whole 'scope without question but now another fault has
developed. A tiny section of the thread inside the mount has gone so
there is now absolutely no way of attaching the 'scope to the tripod.

When the scope has worked I have had some of the happiest hours ever --
what an amazing experience, although something that has made these
faults even sadder have been offered another replacement but am starting
to lose faith. Have you come across such bad luck with the DS before?
Are there often manufacturing problems on these beginner scopes? A
possible solution is getting a refund and upgrading to an ETX (possibly
the 105) and I would be most grateful on your thoughts on this. I
imagine the optics would be significantly better but do you think I
would really notice a difference in the quality of build and the
component parts?

Thanks so much in advance for your time,

Laurence Sillars 
Mike here: Certainly the ETX line is step up from the DS line. Both have their roles. Sorry you have had problems; some of which might have been correctable (like the Autostar display). But if you are willing to exchange the design of the DS2070 for the ETX-105 then you should be happy with the results.
Subject:	Viewing Saturn with DS2114ATS
Sent:	Saturday, February 5, 2005 15:24:05
From:	Daryl G. (darco@bmi.net)
I am new to this venture. The promotional info indicated you could see
the rings of Saturn with this model, however when I lock on to what I
think is Saturn I only see what appears to be a twinkling star with out
circular definition or rings. I am located in S E Washington and
searching to the SE. Should this model be capable of viewing the rings
of Saturn, or I am expecting to much?               Thanks, DGS
Mike here: Yes, you can see Saturn's Ring; I suspect you are looking at the bright star Sirius. Saturn is further North, and depending upon the time you are viewing, higher in the sky than Sirius. Look for a bright "orange-ish" object in the sky.
Subject:	ds-90at w 494 autostar
Sent:	Wednesday, February 2, 2005 15:17:30
From:	Markatfarmers@aol.com (Markatfarmers@aol.com)
i am 46 and a science buff i haven't had a telescope since i was 15 i
want one for astronomy and i was looking at a meade ds-90 at with 494
autostar at sams club for $200 and would like some feedback on if this
is a good buy or not and on if this is a decent scope i don't want to
spend over$300 thanks mark
Mike here: I don't have one but if you search the ETX Site for "DS-90" you will get lots of hits which may be useful.

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