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Subject:	my ETX-125AT "real" first light
Sent:	Friday, February 3, 2006 07:31:08
From:	Andrew Crozier (
Hi, I just thought I would share my wonderfull experience with my new
etx125 with you and the community.  Your website is by far the best ETX
resource on the web!

I purchased a 125 a little before christmas, and then spent more than a
month with a defective OTA!  I began to suspect something was wrong
after reading all the great reviews on your site from other 125 owners
(not to mention seeing some of the great photos that exceeded in
quallity what I was able to see visually with my scope).  I came to find
out that the corrector in the front was LOOSE!  I loosened the DEC,
swung the scope down and heard a clunking sound in the OTA, and saw that
it was the plate shifting around in its cell.  I thought surely this is
not right, and called Meade.  Needless to say, they confirmed this.  I
was able to exchange the scope yesterday at the discovery channel store,
and had my "real" first light last night.

Now, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction with this scope which was
lacking before.  I was able to see the cassini division and 5 moons
around Saturn last night, and our moon took on a whole new demension
with the beautiful sharp views of the new 125 OTA.  The double cluster
was TACK sharp and beautiful!

It is due to your wonderful site and the wealth of information from user
reports that prompted me into investigating the optics!  Thank you so
much!  Keep up the great work!  It is a wonderful service that you
provide to the astronomical community with this wesite!

-Andrew, Denver CO

PS.  I built an adapter for my digital camera and will soon be sending a
few pics of my own to you.

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