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Subject:	Autostar Suite and DSI imager with an LX200 Classic
Sent:	Monday, February 27, 2006 08:56:29
From:	Michael Abdala (
Please accept my apologies if this subject had been answered before.  I
am looking for help in using the autostar suite with my Meade LX200 10"
classic (non-gps) scope.  I have purchased an USB to serial adapter and
installed the needed drivers.

I get ambiguous information from my Meade dealer on whether the software
can be used to control the telescope.  Any information on where I can
find instructions for doing this (if it is possible) would be greatly
appreciated.  I have just begun searching for answers and directions and
have not found any information yet.
Thank you in advance,
Michael Abdala
Mike here: Simple answer (I think) is that the Autostar Suite requires an Autostar #497 or Autostar II, which means it won't work with the classic LX200 series.


Thank you for the response.

I have been playing with the software and my LX 200 during a rainy
today.  I have used it in a terrestrial setting and have had some
success.  The Autostar software is able to slew my telescope through
both axis and will track an object for longer exposures.    I have yet
to try any of the "go to" capabilities but I am encouraged with my
results so far.  I posted the same question on the Stary Nights board
but no responses yet.  I guess I am a little surprised that it seems to
be a rather rare issue since no one has responded to my post on the
Stary Night board.  Perhaps it has to do with the newness of the Deep
Space Imager II camera but I would have thought that the same issues
would occur with the DSI I package.  The fact that Meade will not say if
it works or not with the classic LX scopes makes me think that it is
do-able but perhaps not very straight forward.  I will keep

Thanks again

Mike Abdala
Mike here: There ARE similarities in many of the LX200 commands and the Autostar commands. That would explain why some features may work.

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