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Subject:	Astronomy Software Announcement
Sent:	Tuesday, February 28, 2006 13:05:00
From:	Ralph Jung (
Numeric Software

Numeric Software is proud to announce the release of the Unified Data
Acquisition and Control (UDAC) application.  UDAC is a full featured
planisphere and telescope control application for Windows, Mac OS X,
Linux and Solaris.  UDAC supports most popular telescopes with a
computer interface, as well as, GPS devices, X10 devices and data
acquisition & control boards.

A free demo is available for download at

Ralph Jung

Subject:	Focus Control Through PC
Sent:	Wednesday, February 22, 2006 04:02:03
From:	Duncan Cassidy (
I am looking for advice on how to control the electronic focuser on a
ETX90-EC through a PC.

I am currently using SKY Map Pro 6 on a Windows PC. While this allows me
to drive the telescope I have been unable to find a plug-in to control
the electronic focuser, which would enable me to control the telescope
remotely by means of a web cam.

Wondered if you had any suggests on how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Duncan Cassidy
Southampton, England.
Mike here: Check out Scopedriver for Mac OS X and Windows. Reviews on the Accessory Reviews: Software page.


Thanks Mike, most informative articles. Sorry I was unable to find this
for myself.


Subject:	using the etx90ec with pc
Sent:	Thursday, February 9, 2006 02:07:32
From:	arno (
I want to know if there is any program for pc  (i don't mean a star-map
program) that is able to steer the etx (up down and so on).

I plan to connect the etx (which is attached with a webcam) to a pc,
witch is placed on the roof and then I use a wireless local area network
to steer the etx with another pc.

I got all programs that I need but no program to steer the etx just up
and down and from left to right.

Thanks for your answer!
Sincerely Arno

Part of the team at the free-air-planetarium in Vienna:
Mike here: Check out ScopeDriver; see the Accessory Reviews: Software page.
Subject:	re: Info-Genie plug-in to control the ETX from Starry Night
Sent:	Saturday, February 4, 2006 01:14:31
From:	Simon Instone (
I've been looking around for a plug-in for Starry Night to control my
new ETX (which I haven't even got yet!) and found that the domain name is now up for sale.

If anyone needs a plug-in for Starry Night, here's the links to the SN
FAQ's pages:

Starry Night Pro:

Starry Night Deluxe:

Starry Night Enthusiast doesn't control telescopes.

Unfortunately the above FAQ pages still point to the now dead domain name for the MAC plug-in but Windows users can
download a different driver.  No mention of Linux drivers on the FAQ
pages. Having said that, on a different FAQ page it mentions the MAC
users have full control of their ETX with the MAC version of the
software without any plug-in's.  Here's the page:

Thanks Mike for a great site.  Talked me into getting an ETX! Even with
our cloudy skies in the UK I can't wait to get it!!


Simon Instone

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