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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-125EC. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX and DS models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	ETX-125EC
Sent:	Thursday, January 30, 2003 21:11:50
From: (S. Barton)
I am considering buying a ETX-125EC with tripod and autostar. I'm
interested in viewing Jupiter, Saturn and Mars as well as various
nebulae and a limited amount of galaxies. Can you give me some idea to
the extent of detail I will be able to observe? I have never had the
opportunity to look through the ETX-125EC. I currently use a 70mm
refractor. Thank you for your help and this is a great site. S. Barton
Mike here: Check out the User Observations reports page for some idea. You will see more details than with the 70mm whether they will meet your expectations depends upon what those expectations are.
Subject:	Broken viewfinder on ETX-125
Sent:	Thursday, January 30, 2003 10:29:28
From: (marc etx)
The other night I was out observing and my viewfinder seemed to be out
of focus. I turned the focus ring at the base of the viewfinder to focus
it and the entire eyepiece including the focus ring came off of the
viewfinder diagonal. Is there any way to reattach this or do I need to
get a new viewfinder?

Mike here: I haven't tried removing mine but doesn't it just screw on?


No, I can't see any threads. In fact I can't see how it could attach
other than a press fit.


No, I can't see any threads. In fact I can't see how it could attach
other than a press fit.

Mike here: You may be right; I couldn't get mine off!
Subject:	New to Astronomy, viewing problem
Sent:	Tuesday, January 21, 2003 9:43:30
From: (Nelson, Robert)
Enjoy your website, keep up the good work!

I recently bought a used ETX-125EC and set it up on the driveway last
night (I am a complete newbie, first time to ever look thru a scope). 
After realigning the finder scope with the main one, I locked the right
wheel (what's the left wheel for?) and the bottom lever and had it set
up in Altz mode.  I guess you have to manually align in this mode
because I was continually having to adjust for travel?  Anyway, I first
looked at the was really neat....the only problem seemed to
be that the scope shook very slightly, or at least it seems like it
did.....I was never able to get it to sit completely still (I'm using a
Meade Deluxe Field Tripod)....anyway, I moved the scope to Jupiter (I
did not use the Autostar) and refocused....the only thing I saw was a
big green circle with yellow flecks in it with a big black dot right in
the middle.  Same with, it's almost like I was looking at
my own eye (I have hazel eyes).  I know this sounds crazy and I told you
I was a newbie, but is it possible to focus too much the wrong way and
be looking at your own eye (at least I'm providing you with some
entertainment ha ha ha).  I tried a 26 and a 9.7  .........if I was
looking at this "green spot" and moved the scope in any direction, the
green dot would move away also.

Any ideas?  It was really frustrating last night and not what I

Mike here: The left fork has a "setting circle" for manually positioning the telescope. When using the Autostar you don't use this, except for maybe setting the HOME position (and then only if you have confirmed that 0 degrees is actually when the tube is level; if not, see the FAQ page). And yes, when not using the Autostar you have to manually move the telescope to compensate for the Earth's rotation when mounted in Alt/Az. Shaking (especially if the tripod legs are extended to their full height) can be due to motor vibrations, breezes, or even just touching the focus knob. Lowering the tripod can help, as can adding vibration suppression pads (which the tripod legs sit on). Adding extra weight to the tripod will help. Even moving from a hard surface (like a concrete driveway) to the softer grass will help. Many users have added an electric focus motor or a flexible cable (see the Accessory Reviews - Miscellaneous page as well the Telescope Tech Tips page for some ideas). As to focus, when you focused on the Moon you should have left the telescope focus the same when you moved to the planets. It sounds like you refocused to try to make the planets larger. That makes the image out-of-focus. The spot you were seeing was the "secondary mirror" on the correcting lens on the sky end of the telescope tube.
Subject:	etx125ec vs. lx-90
Sent:	Tuesday, January 21, 2003 4:00:27
From: (S. Barton)
I am looking to get a new scope in late Feb. early March. I am torn
between two. I have been looking at the meade etx125ec. BUT after
reading your site I wonder if meade has worked out the bugs. Worried
about unsteady tripod,focusing problems,slewing trouble an a auotstar
that has tracking problems. Add up the 125, scope 895.00 tripod 200.00
and autostar 150.00 for approx. 1250.00. The lx-90 is approx. 1500.00
complete. It sounds like a more reliable scope but I wanted a scope that
was more portable. Any help on what to do would be helpful 

S. Barton
Mike here: As I've said quite often on the Site, problem reports are more numerous because people with problems need help. People don't tend to report "no reports". Hence it looks there is a high percentage of problems. Many times it is just a matter of getting to know how to use the telescope and Autostar. That said, problems can and do occur with any product you purchase. Certainly the LX90 8" is a fine telescope system with a larger aperture and slightly longer focal length than the ETX-125EC. And the supplied mount is stronger. But you can purchase a stronger mount for the ETX and you get slightly more portability with the ETX. So, you need to decide what's the most important to you and how you plan to use the telescope.
Subject:	Started a ETX 125 site and hope to recieve my ETX 125 next week..
Sent:	Friday, January 17, 2003 16:42:23
From: (Jan Damhof)
I expect to receive my new ETX125 somewhere next week. To make the
waiting a little easier I started a ETX Site were I plan to report my
experience with the ETX and gonna show my astro photo's . I noticed as a
wannabe ETX user that I loved the sites and articles were people told
there ETX experience. As a "almost" ETX125 owner I hope to offer this to
others with my Site.. I hope you don't mind putting some direct links to
some articles on you site. If you do mind let me know , will change it
with a "click" ..

my site address is

For all Dutch ETX users drop me a note.. I'm very interested if there
are any other ETX users near my place ( Groningen )

The Netherlands
Mike here: Linking to articles on my ETX Site is perfectly acceptable. Thanks.
Subject:	Finally ... first real light - ETX125
Sent:	Tuesday, January 7, 2003 18:40:28
From: (John Edelmann)
Okay... and so the saga comes to end...   

I unpacked the telescope on 1/3, and it appeared to work.  Of course,
though, there was snow and rain from then until yesterday, when I
managed to catch a glimpse of Jupiter in between the remaining clouds...
but I finally gave up.

Tonight, however, I did manage to check out M42 in Orion, Jupiter, and
Saturn;  the former being the most interesting, but the latter being
larger than I'd seen before.

Collimation-wise, it would appear that they did a "stellar" job.  (Sorry
bout that.)

You can put me in the happy, satisfied, customer column.

I was only using the standard EC, rather than engaging in autostar
orientation 101 ... I'll save that for next time.  I didn't use
batteries, either, but a 12v power supply with an cig. lighter adapter; 
then I got a #607 25 extension cord, and used that.  I don't intend to
worry about batteries unless I really go remote.

Also... having built a pier, I suddenly realized how convenient my
craftman work bench, complete with a tilt top is.  I can even swing it
down to a polar mount;  I only need extra long 1/4" knobs to secure

Springboro, Ohio
Current Weather:

Subject:	ETX-125
Sent:	Tuesday, January 7, 2003 9:11:09
From: (John Dooley)
Mighty Mike,
I picked up a used ETX-125 with deluxe tripod for around $500.00. It is
in like new cond. with the origional packaging. I'm just starting to
figure some of it's features out and noticed that I only have a 9.7mm
Super Plossl eyepiece for it. It also came with a few other adapters I
have not figured out  including the 2X doubler. Any recomendations for a
second eye piece?? I'm thinking of the standard piece that should have
come with the scope, or a generic version that would cost less. Can you
recommend anything your worship??Thanks,
John Dooley
Victorville, CA.
Mike here: Check out the Accessory Reviews - Eyepieces page. You might want to look into the Scopetronix eyepieces.
Subject:	 My ETX-125 Status
Sent:	Monday, January 6, 2003 23:26:45
From: (Blais Klucznik)
Hi Mike and the group,

Haven't contributed to this site for quite some time now but that is the
result of two factors: (1) Our skies here in Southeastern MA have been
simply terrible since the end of Jan 2002 and (2) The few times the
skies have been clear my wife and I use the Dobbs PDHQ 12-1/2.  Poor
ETX125 doesn't get much of a workout anymore, at least in the winter,
due to the 497 not working when the temperature is lower than about 32
Degrees  F and I just don't seem to be that much interested in resolving
the temperature problem.  I figure I spent enough time working on the
scope and not too enthusiastic with it anymore.  Yet the ETX125 still
works fine since my MAD MOD of a year or so ago.

I wish a Good, Peaceful New Year to everyone here.



Sent:	Friday, January 3, 2003 2:47:34
From: (Paolo Spinazze)
I was wondering if somewhere in my ETX 125 there is a product number ,
if yes where i can find?
Thank you
Mike here: Do you mean a serial number? If so, sometimes the exterior box has this, otherwise look inside the battery compartment. Not saying it will be there though. Also, check the bottom of the base. However, not all ETX models seem to have a serial number in an obvious place.
Subject:	Tripods
Sent:	Wednesday, January 1, 2003 14:46:42
From: (Douglas Barrett)
I have been enjoying your web site. I am interested in buying a etx 125,
but still confused about tripods even after reading that section on your
site. I would like to a stable but portable tripod. Will the Meade 884
work, or should I look for something else?

Doug Barrett
Mike here: In Alt/Az the #884 should work fine with the ETX-125EC but for serious polar mounting work you will probably want a more stable tripod. The #884 can be OK for for mid-latitudes for less demanding visual work. But I don't have to say from experience.

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