Last updated: 31 January 2003
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Subject:	Software control of Meade focuser?
Sent:	Friday, January 31, 2003 7:33:09
From: (Larry Laffoon)
I have a Meade ETX 125 and a video camera, which I have mounted in the
front yard.  Both scope and camera are controlled via cables inside my
house.  My question is this:  I recently added the Meade #1247 focuser
to the scope and I'm trying to find some software that will control the
focuser.  Do you or any of your readers know of software that will
control the focuser?  Thanks in advance.  Larry
Mike here: Astroplanner does:
ScopeDriver does:
But I don't know if either of these work with the Autostar focus control since I don't have one.


I tried both of the programs that you recommended and guess what - they
both work!  Astroplanner seems to be the clear winner as far as having
more things that you can do with the program, but both have their place!
Thanks again for your input!  Regards, Larry

Subject:	telescope control
Sent:	Tuesday, January 21, 2003 13:36:59
From: (Mark Bosanquet-Bryant)
I am trying to figure a problem with my ETX 125 and telescope control
via my Mac G4 mac OS 9.1 with Starry Night Pro 3.1 and Cassidy&Green
plug in. Meade cable set and Keyspan Serial adapter, autostar 497.

The telescope position do not match what Starry Night thinks it should
be when using the 'Follow' function. E.g. the autostar will give Alt as
10 but starry night will follow to 23? or a number not related at all.
Also when selecting a nearby star and using slew the scope movies a long
long way from its current location to an incorrect location?

It works fine with Scope Driver.

Is there something simple I could have done wrong? Any help appreciated.

Regards, Mark BB

Essex, England
Mike here: I don't have SNP but could it be displaying Declination vs Altitude, or at least the reverse of what the Autostar is displaying?

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