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Subject:	Which 125 AT model - a reply to this subject
Sent:	Monday, January 23, 2006 16:21:50
From:	Christopher Rhodes (
(in reply to Jan H Kolst -

I think that Jan means the circular adhesive screw cover within the
triangular-shaped slot for the azimuth lock lever. Well, I bought mine
from B&H back in January 2002 and it also has the same feature as Jan

I'm sure that is a standard build feature of all 125s. The #884 tripod &
#497 AutoStar should indicate it being an AT if received as part of the
package. As for UHTC, there should be a label on the underside of the
OTA that confirms this.


Subject:	Which 125 AT model
Sent:	Friday, January 20, 2006 07:09:44
From:	Jan H Kolst (
I just bought a new ETX 125AT for Christmas , but I'm not quite sure
which model it is. It has the following characteristicae:
1. No.on the box:0515-03-21
2. It has a circle in the recess for the hoizontal lock
3.I've supplied a picture of the region beneath the vertical lock.
Grateful for an answer!
Thanks a lot
Mike here: My original model ETX-125 has a triangular shaped slot for the azimuth lock lever.
Subject:	etx125 uhtc observations
Sent:	Saturday, January 14, 2006 10:30:19
From:	Rudi Verstraelen (
Thanks for a great site, I found a lot of very useful information on it.

I bought a etx125 uhtc about a month ago and sofar i like it. This is my
first scope after 25+ years of naked eye and binocular observing.

I' ve been looking at Saturn several times now over the past few weeks
but I can't seem to get to see the cassini division which many observers
with this scope state they can clearly see. I' ve let the scope cool
down for several hours and this really did not seem to make much
difference into what i saw, The seeing did not seem to be bad, I am in
central NM, and I looked at Saturn at different times and different
elevations. The best I can do is make out a  slight hint of banding on
the planet. I tried different filters without much effect, star testing
the optics doesn't seem to reveal anything terribly wrong with the

I got the meade LPI with the scope and this was pretty disappointing on
saturn, Best focusing was a pretty poor image, maybe I just need to
learn how to use this imager better.

What can you suggest as far as visually observing Saturn and making out
the Cassini division?

Thanks for your reply
Mike here: You didn't say what eyepiece you were using with the ETX but 100-200X will usually bring out Cassini Division. And yes, the LPI takes some getting used to.


I have been using several eyepiece/barlow combinations, the one I liked
most is the Meade 15mmQX and 9.7mm, Magnifications were in the 100 to
200 range. What do you think could be the reason for not making out
Mike here: Seeing, most likely. And experience. Don't stare at the planet. Just rest your eye and watch for moments of clarity.
Subject:	Electronic focusers
Sent:	Tuesday, January 10, 2006 18:07:36
From:	steve harper (
just thought i would pick your brain on the meade elctronic focuser for
my etx125. i stopped by opt last week and while i was buying a new
eyepiece i asked the gentleman there what he thought about them. he said
dont waste my money on one. your input along with what ive read on your
site would be appreciated
thanks as usual.
steve harper
Mike here: You can read my comments on the "Meade Electric Focuser #1247" on the Accessory Reviews: Showcase Products page.

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