Last updated: 31 July 2001

This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT. Additional information on these models is available on the ETX-60AT & ETX-70AT Announcements page. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	ETX 70 and #506 cable
Sent:	Tuesday, July 31, 2001 14:09:31
From:	brunge@penx.com (Runge, Brian)
Do you know of any source for the #506 cable that does not come bundled
with software?  Since software to control the scope came with the ETX
70, I don't see the need to purchase additional software.  Thank you for
any information you may have, and thanks for a great site.

Brian Runge
Mike here: The #506 cable requires some inline electronics. So far as I know, no third party is making them.

Subject:	re: ETX-70 not moving after GoTo...
Sent:	Sunday, July 29, 2001 16:35:58
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
To:	texas5@home.com
From the symptoms, i suspect the *speed* is simply too low.

After the GoTo beeps, press the [speed] key (middle of lowest 
buttons) (assuming a no-numbers Autostar... if you have a numeric
keypad, press the 7 key).
Depending upon the version of firmware in the Autostar,
the top line of the display may momentarily say "Speed=1.5 deg/sec"
 or something similar.

If you have the [speed] key version, press that key repeatedly
to see/try the various speeds available.  
The speeds with "8x" (instead of degrees per second, or Max) are 
referring to times-faster-than-sidereal, the speed of the star's
apparent motion caused by the Earth's rotation.
 So the "x's" are slower than the degrees-per-second values.

*now* try the Slew keys...

good luck
From:	samedm@eatel.net (Sam Edmonds)
Just read the message re: locked keys.  Maybe try to change the slew
speed.  May not be moving quick enough to notice any movement. Doesn't
sound like any other problems, still moves to targets, etc.

Best regards,
 Sam                          mailto:samedm@bellsouth.net
And this:
From:	mldunn@eastman.com (Dunn, Michael L)
Thanks for the great website. I'm here looking almost everyday. I have
the ETX-60AT and am a beginner, along with my 14 year-old son. I wanted
to pass along a comment about troubleshooting Helene's problem (July
27). I believe the AutoStar defaults to a near-imperceptible speed when
doing the initial alignment, especially with wide-field eyepieces. I
wonder if she tried changing the Speed to x64, or some faster value if
it may help with centering?

Michael L. Dunn
Senior Control Systems Specialist
Eastman Chemical Company
Phone: 423-229-5165 Fax: 423-224-0672
From:	HorneGS@phnsy.navy.mil (Horne Gary S PHNS)
This sounds like a common problem of the etx-60/70 Autostar.  Whenever
she wants to slew the scope to center the star, the autostar sets it's
slew speed to sidereal.  She needs to select a faster slew speed to move
the scope around.  Happens to me all the time.....

Scott Horne
Honolulu, Hawaii

Subject:	India
Sent:	Saturday, July 28, 2001 17:47:21
From:	vatsu@hotmail.com (Hi Hello)
I am interested in ETX-70! My question is that will I be able to set the
Autostar for India - New Delhi. If India and city (New Delhi) is not
listed how will I be able to use the ETX-70. Your help & early help
would be most appreciated.


Mike here: Any longitude and latitude on the Earth can be entered into the location setting for the Autostar.


Thanks a lot! your help is most appreciated.

Subject:	Arrow keys locked on ETX70
Sent:	Friday, July 27, 2001 21:59:00
From:	texas5@home.com (texas5)
Bless you for this site!! I have a 10 year old son who received an ETX70
kit for his birthday. Getting through the directions was tough for this
technologically challenged mom so the following is probably operator
error but any help would be very appreciated. After selecting a star for
alignment the telescope moves but then the arrow keys won't work and let
me center the star. I hear a humming noise so I'm thinking the motor is
fine but it seems locked up. It will let me move the keys at other times
but not at the initial alignment setup. What am I doing wrong?  Thanks
so much!  Helene
Mike here: Just to be certain I know what's happening, you put the telescope in the HOME position, enter the correct date/time/Daylight settings, and select Easy Align (one or two stars). Then the scope slews to an alignment star. Once the slew is complete and the Autostar prompts you to center the star in the eyepiece, it is at this point that the up and down, left and right arrow keys stop functioning. Correct? But if you press ENTER to accept the star as centered (even thought it may not be) and you complete the alignment this way, you can then slew the telescope all over the sky with the arrow keys. Correct?


Thank you for the quick response and taking time out of you day.

The steps below descibe the problem on not being able to center the star
with the arrow keys during an "Easy" alignment.

  a.. Position for alignment.
  b.. Turn on Autostar
  c.. pressed "SPEED" key to acknowlege SUN warning
  d.. pressed "ENTER" key
  e.. entered date and pressed the "ENTER" key
  f.. entered time and pressed the "ENTER" key
  g.. entered "YES" for daylight savings and pressed the "ENTER" key
  h.. entered "Easy" for Align prompt and press the "ENTER" key
  i.. Got the "AltAZ Align" prompt.  Pressed the "ENTER" key
  j.. scope slewed to Vega
  k.. Autostar beeped.  I assume this is the prompt to center the star. 
  The 4 arrow keys do not move the scope.  I can hear the motor trying
  to move when they are pressed.
  l.. pressed the "ENTER" key
  m.. scope slewed to Antares.
  n.. Autostart beeped.  Again the 4 arrow keys do not move the scope. 
  I can hear the motor trying to move when they are pressed.
  o.. pressed the "ENTER" key
  p.. the "Align Successful" message is displayed.
  q.. the "Select Item: Object" is displayed.
  r.. I can hear the motor trying to move the scope.  It does not move. 
  Does the motor always run to stay in sync for the earth's rotation?
  s.. pressed the "ENTER" key at the "Select Item: Object" prompt
  t.. pressed the "ENTER" key at the "Object: Solar System" prompt
  u.. Selected "Moon" and pressed "ENTER"
  v.. 14:47:0    -12 degress 19 in  was displayed.  The motor is still
  making noise.
  w.. pressed the "GO TO" button
  x.. scope slewed to the Moon.
  y.. The arrow key still don't move the scope.  The only way the scope
  will slew is to select an object and press the "GO TO" button.

If the Autostar is turned on and the "Align" function is NOT performed,
the arrow keys can be used to slew all over the sky.

The instructions talk about "Training the Drive".  Should I do this?

Thanks for you time.

Mike here: Once the alignment is successful, the drives will run to compensate for the Earth's rotation. So, a question here is "does the scope actually move?" It while take some time to notice this, sort of like watch the hour hand on an analog clock. But, regardless, the scope should obviously move when press an arrow key. GOTO is not the only way to slew to objects to view! So, two solutions come to mind. (1) perhaps you have overtighten the axis locks, which is preventing the scope from moving for either tracking or slewing. However, this doesn't seem right since the scope slews to the alignment stars and you can slew at other times. But just in case, don't overtighten the locks. (2) Go to the Setup:Telescope menu and select RESET. This will reset the Autostar. You will have to re-enter your location. Try the alignment and arrow keys now. If they still don't work, then select to RETRAIN. Follow the prompts. For best results point the telescope at a fixed object about 45 degrees above the horizon. Polaris can also be used to TRAIN on since it is nearly fixed.

Subject:	zoom lens
Sent:	Thursday, July 26, 2001 22:50:49
From:	mercman@kalama.com (Jurjen van den Houten)
I have a ETX-70AT, would like to know if I can put a zoom lens on this
unit. And what kind would recommend.

Thank you.

J van den Houten
Mike here: You should be able to use a zoom eyepiece. See the Accessories - Eyepieces for some reviews.

Subject:	ETX-70AT at National Geographic web store...
Sent:	Thursday, July 26, 2001 15:46:34
From:	GOHydal@cs.com
Enjoy your site!  I'm looking at the 70AT at the National Geographic web


It comes with a carrying case.  Does anyone know whether this is a soft
or hard case?

Also, it's my understanding that the 70AT comes with PC software to
control the 'scope through a computer.  Is this so?


Bucky Hydal
Springfield, Mass.
Mike here: Don't know about the case but yes, PC software is included but you need to purchase the #506 cable.

Subject:	Older ETX-70AT model
Sent:	Thursday, July 26, 2001 8:00:30
From:	vaio314@hotmail.com (W.D T)
First off your sight has really helped me out with alot of questions
Recently I ran into what I think was a good deal I was able to purchase
a ETX70AT for next to nothing. Its the Black tube version with a 497
controller. I see the newer ones are somewhat different was there a
problem with this setup or something just wondering since I am new at
these ETX models. I thought this would be a good travel scope I could
put in my camper. It also came with a tripod 883 but only one eyepiece.
Thanks again and any advice on the scope would be greatly appreciated.
Dave Turnwald
Corunna, Mi
Mike here: There is nothing wrong with that model. The base is the same as the ETX-90EC so it has hard stops (the current ETX-70AT model does not have hard stops).

Subject:	just a funny
Sent:	Tuesday, July 24, 2001 18:05:44
From:	Esandman@home.com (Esandman)
just thought you should know a lil funny about the 495 box connected to
the ETX 70at scope in the software this is the listing for Vega:

Vega is the westernmost star of the summer triangle. It is the fift
brightest star in the sky...

No I didn't spell it wrong that is what it says "the fift"

just thought it was funny

ps great site I just got this ETX 70 and I love it. Your site has been a
great help in getting use to the scope (I moved from a tasco 114mm
newt). I'm so glad I finally got a scope that's worth something.


Subject:	re: Satellite tracking with an ETX-70
Sent:	Monday, July 23, 2001 21:31:26
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
To:	neil@westerncanada.com
Congratulations on the tracking!

The performance you saw was typical for Autostar Satellite tracking.
I always preset my slew speed to 7 (on the 495/497 ... that'd be
next-to-fastest on the 494/Starfinder) before the satellite appears.
That way i can correct as needed (and it's almost -always- needed)
as we go along... i have to increase to speed 8 at the peak of the
pass.  But then it's too easy to over-correct.

The 0.5 degree off at acquisition is **very good** ... i've seen
as much as ten degrees error.  This error will vary from satellite
to satellite and pass to pass.

The Autostar is quite mathematically limited... and doesn't get told
-all- of the orbital parameters.  That's one reason FRESH parameters
 are so vital.  And why there  are errors.

But it achieves much with what it has.

enjoy the chase (it'd be boring if it was too easy, wouldn't it?)

Subject:	USB Cable for Meade ETX70 ?
Sent:	Monday, July 23, 2001 14:04:32
From:	jlevine@titan.com (Levine, Jerrold)
I want to control my ETX70 with my Mac, which has a USB port instead of
a serial port.  I know that I can get the 506 cable and a USB to Serial
adapter, but wonder if there is a less expensive solution of a USB to
ETX70 cable ?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Jerrold S. Levine
Titan/ Pulse Sciences Division
2700 Merced Street
San Leandro, CA   94577
(510) 577-7172
(510) 577-7247 (fax)
Mike here: Nope.

Subject:	Satellites
Sent:	Monday, July 23, 2001 10:03:58
From:	neil@westerncanada.com (neil)
I captured my first satellite with the 70AT. Really nice. Couldn't see
it with the naked eye but it was bright in the scope.

The data that I input from Heavens-Above.com was not pointing at the
right location (.5 deg off) and the scope tracking couldn't keep up to
the satellite. I had to constantly press the arrow keys in the
"tracking" mode to keep up.

Know what's causing it?
Mike here: Glad you caught a satellite! I wonder if there was a parameter that was slightly off, including possibly the Autostar alignment. Try some others.

Subject:	ETX-60 auction
Sent:	Monday, July 23, 2001 8:55:06
From:	twilliams10@cfl.rr.com (Tom Williams)
There is currently an ETX-60 being auctioned by Sam's Club on the
internet.  As I write this it is up to $56, and the auction closes
7/25/01 10:00 PM EDT.  Here is a link to the page for anyone interested.


Tom Williams

Subject:	etx-60 tripod
Sent:	Saturday, July 21, 2001 16:40:32
From:	Jpmrph3@aol.com
Answer, I am searching for an answer! It would seem that one of the
little plastic clamps that holds one of the legs in place is now
slipping even though it is pushed all the way down. I am afraid that one
of these nights I will turn my back and hear a thump as my poor little
blue pal falls on his face. How does one remedy this precarious

J.P. Murphy III
Redwood City, Ca.
Mike here: According to reports posted on the ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT Feedback pages, Meade has been replacing tripods that experience this problem. Contact Meade.


thanks a bunch. hope i don't get stuck for shipping.

As i looked at my daughter's ETX-70 (cheaper and with free tripod than
my ETX-60!) she had the eyepiece tray stuck on with the lip down so the
tray was at a slant. which way is correct? I like the tray to be level
so all the junk I dump on it doesn't get lost in the grass.

Neat web site as always. Thank goodness for obssesive people like you
(certainly not meee).
Mike here: I mounted the tray with the lip up and horizontal. Seemed more appropriate that way although the plastic slots seems oriented to mounting the other way.

Subject:	ETX90 on an ETX60 base
Sent:	Saturday, July 21, 2001 11:53:14
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
To:	ib@inforbase.pt
Somewhere (from old mail on Mike's site, or links from the Modifications
section of Tech Tips) there is a photo of someone who has done *exactly*
that... placed an ETX90 barrel in an ETX60 fork.  He built a "saddle"
which went between the forks, and the ETX90 barrel was held on by its
two tripod screw holes in the plastic section underneath the barrel
(english 1/4 inch bolts, 20 threads per inch... standard photgraphic
tripod screws).

Poke through the various sub-links on Mike's Telescope Tech Tips
sections and you will find it.

good luck

Subject:	ETX-70
Sent:	Thursday, July 19, 2001 3:19:27
From:	penny@verat.net (Aleksandar Cvetkovic)
Hi!I write from Yugoslavia.I don't know English very well but i think
you will understand me. Well,I have ETX-70 for about a month and I am
not very happy with it. Here's the problem.I like to watch at the
planets(especially Jupiter,Saturn and Venus). I got up early
yesterday(about 4:00 a.m. in Yugo)and I saw with naked eye Saturn,Venus
and Jupiter.I took my telescope and first was the brightest one
VENUS.Beautifull!!!!But than I look at the Saturn.I could see the rings
very nice but no brightest moon Titan!Than I looked up to Jupiter.I saw
one band on planet and just hint of four moons.They were VERY,VERY
faint.I tried with 2x barlow but it's same. My question is:Will i be
able to see better in winter when we will be closest to the Jupiter and
Saturn! That's it for now! I would like your opinion because I am
completly AMATEUR,and I want to now what can I expect to see.
Thank's a lot and keep up the good work!

Mike here: See my comments on the ETX-70AT on the Helpful Information: Buyer/New User Tips page. Due to its short focal length, planetary observations are not very appealing with the ETX-70AT. You should be able to see Titan so perhaps it wasn't in view at the time.

Subject:	ETX 60AT problems.
Sent:	Wednesday, July 18, 2001 10:16:38
From:	Donald_T_Spencer@sd.fisc.navy.mil
I have a couple of problems that have developed with my ETX-60AT. First,
I bought the piggy back adapter from scopetronix and have used it a
couple of times. The problem, I believe the counter weights, attached to
the eyepiece, has cause the threads in the set screw hole to strip. I
cannot lock down my eyepieces. Second, even with the RA lock secured, I
can still move the fork and OTA assembly. I cannot find a place to
tighten this down anywhere.
Thanks in advance,
Don Spencer
Mike here: See the FAQ item "Q. I can not move the Right Ascension (azimuth) lever enough to fully engage the lock. What should I do?" That might help your RA lock problem. As to the setscrew, well, I guess you could find a slightly larger diameter screw and screw it in.

Subject:	#494 Autostar & ETX-60
Sent:	Wednesday, July 18, 2001 6:23:01
From:	kelly3119@yahoo.com (Kelly Jones)
I apologize if I am asking a question that has been answered, but I have
searched your site and can't seem to locate the information.

I have trouble when I try a two-star alignment. I enter all of the
information in Setup, but when I select a star that I know is visible,
my scope slews to an angle below the horizon (??). I have a #494
Autostar, with version 1.0k. Do I need to upgrade the firmware on my
handbox? I have tried using the Update software, either I don't need an
update or I don't have the correct updates in my Ephemerides directory?

Or am I simply missing something in my Setup. I have reset my Autostar a
number of times, and trained my drive, but this did not clear up my

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Mike here: Currently, there is not ROM update for the #494 Autostar. And since you've reset, the problem is likely somewhere else. I know you've said you have checked everything but humor me and do one last check on the location, date, time, Daylight Savings, telescope model, and mounting method (Polar or Alt/Az) that the Autostar is configured to use. It sounds like something is mis-set. OR the HOME position you've put the telescope into for the initial alignment is incorrect.

Subject:	re: ETX70 vs Polar Alignment
Sent:	Tuesday, July 17, 2001 23:03:30
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
To:	b.rush@verizon.net
first a question: do you WANT to be in Polar mode?

It's possible you have a mis-set Autostar.
(which model Autostar is it?  With or without Numeric Keypad?)

If you do a Setup > Reset  (and answer all of the questions...
when it shows you Telecope Model, use the scroll key to show your
model, and press [enter] to actually -select- it.
That will -also- reset you to "Alt/Az" mounting.

If it does **not** offer "Telescope Model" as a choice, then
you may have an Autostar (actually Starfinder) which is locked into
operating a 4504 (or 114EQ-DH$) telescope... and which -does- only 
offer Polar Mounting... in which case it's a "Call Meade and get
another Autostar" situation.  They'll happily supply one.

You can also explicitly set the Mount type to Alt/Az
 by chasing down the Setup menu to 
  Setup > Telescope > Telescope Mount [enter] > Alt/Az [enter]
The one which is actually -selected- would then have an arrow (>)
 before its title.   > Alt/Az

good luck

Subject:	ETX-70 AT Telescope/Autostar hand controller problems
Sent:	Tuesday, July 17, 2001 10:03:20
From:	b.rush@verizon.net (Bob Rushford)
Hi, everybody. For Christmas, my father ordered me a Meade ETX-70 AT
Telescope package. This package included the ETX-70 AT telescope, an
Autostar hand controller, the ETX-60/70 AT telescope instruction manual,
and a limited edition astronomy software CD-ROM. Pretty cool, huh?
That's what I thought, until I came across one major problem. Whenever I
use the Autostar hand controller, as required, it does a two-star polar
alignment. I set the telescope for all of the proper alignments
beforehand and make it face north. The telescope then slews for the
first star. The problem that I'm having is that whenever the telescope
slews for the first star, it  slowly points straight up, seems to get
itself stuck in that direction, and then spins endlessly around. Last
month, I tried once more to do the two-star polar alignment, and the
same thing happened. Is there something wrong with the telescope and/or
the controller, or am I doing something wrong with the telescope.

Thanks -Sean
Mike here: Couple of thoughts. Do a RESET to restore the Autostar to its factory configuration. You'll have to enter your location again. Also check the model telescope that the Autostar thinks it is using. That has to be correct as well.

Subject:	Focussing ETX70 with 3x Barlow
Sent:	Monday, July 16, 2001 2:44:35
From:	g.yedema@cbd-fryslan.nl (G. Yedema)
First of all compliments on your terrific site!!

I recently bought an ETX70-AT (with the autostar 494), also with a 3x
Barlow lense. Due to the season and the conditions (I live in the
Netherlands) so far I've been only been testing the telescope during

The 25mm and the 9mm eyepieces are giving a very clear image. The 25mm
with the Barlow is also very good. However, if I change it to the 9mm
with the Barlow, I can't get a good focussing. I have to say, that I've
been only able to focus on objects in my backyard, so let's say about
60ft away. Is it possible the focussing problem disappears when I try to
focus on distand objects (like the moon a.s.o.)? Or does it also has to
focus on this nearby objects?

Thank you in advance for anwering, and again the compliments on your
great site!!

Gerben Yedema
Mike here: Lets do the math. With the 9mm you have 39X (telescope focal length divided by eyepiece focal length). When adding the 3X Barlow Lens you have 117X. The theorectical maximum magnification for the ETX-70AT is 140X (twice the aperture in millimeters). But that is just a theorectical number and the usually the image quality deteriorates before that high a magnification is reached. So, your results are not surprising. Yes, you can use high magnifications, even exceeding the theorectical max, at times depending upon the sky conditions, the object being viewed, and the quality and number of the optics being used.


Thank you for your (quick!) reaction! I hope to have a lot of fun with
my telescope and will continue visiting your site, as I will recommend
it also to my friends! (by the way: a few friends with whom I spoke
lately were also aware of your site... so your fame is spreading out in
the Netherlands also...!)

Thanks again,

Gerben Yedema
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Mike here: Enjoy your scope and the night skies. There is a lot you can see with the ETX-70AT.

Subject:	#882 ETX-70at Tripod Included in set Stability concerns.
Sent:	Sunday, July 15, 2001 19:01:11
From:	m.kulis@netzero.net (mike kulis)
Hi all, I recently purchased a ETX-70at at the discovery store, however
i'm very worried about using it. It is extremely top heavy. I feel as if
the wind itself can blow it over. My astronomy club does publics and i
am afraid to bring it out to show. I have thought about getting the #883
deluxe tripod, which is heavier and sturdier and does not shake as much,
also the leggs are wider, wider is better i quess :). I can get a #883
for free from work, do you think this would be a good idea, i know it
has equitorial capabilities and i quess is mainly for the etx-90ra
scope. But i need something that can get the job done without giving me
a ulcer.  any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated


thanks and clear skies to all

Michael Kulis
Mike here: You could also hang a weight from the tripod to better stabilize it. Might even work better than just a heavier tripod.

Subject:	#494 Autostar Problems
Sent:	Sunday, July 15, 2001 13:43:35
From:	bugatti44@netzero.net
I'm having trouble setting up my #494 Autostar controller for my ETX-70
telescope.  I read the manual and did everything it said to do for the
'Easy Two-Star Alignment'.  When I setup the Autostar, I chose the Easy
alignment.  Did I choose the right alignment?  Well anyways, when it
slewing to find Arcturus, it was unable to find it.  So, I tried to find
Arcturus, but I failed to succeed.  I need some help badly.  So, if you
could help, that would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Mike here: Have you selected the nearest city for your location and entered the correct date/time/daylight savings time/telescope model/mounting method? Then you have to put the telescope in the proper HOME position, as explained in the manual (or you can see some tips on this on the Autostar Information page). Once you've done all that you can select the Easy Two Star alignment and all should go well. The brightest star near where the tube is pointing should be the alignment stars. Slew until they are centered in the 25mm eyepiece and then press ENTER.

Subject:	programing the etx60at
Sent:	Friday, July 13, 2001 21:07:42
From:	Unclechip2000@aol.com
i just cant seem to get the programming to work  the part where you put
in your country  state  city  doesnt appear  im getting nowhere   i got
this for xmas and i still cant get it
Mike here: This is probably due to the location having been set by the dealer. You can change it by doing a RESET from the Setup menu.

Subject:	re: case for an ETX70
Sent:	Monday, July 9, 2001 22:46:09
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
To:	m.kulis@netzero.net
Unless you spend some minutes cranking the focus knob, an ETX70
is actually -longer- than an ETX90, when laid out straight for
packing.  I have a soft-side bag i use for in-city scope carriage,
and the ETX70 really stretches the ends, whereas the ETX90 lies in
there with room to spare. (i'm too lazy to crank the focus).

Just a "heads up"...
have fun

Subject:	re: etx-70   494 keypad
Sent:	Monday, July 9, 2001 22:42:57
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
or: File Space Full...


I saw your note... in the 495 and 497 Autostar, the code handles 
File Space Full by internally reorganizing the space (in computer
speak it's called "garbage collection").  But it does that by copying
everything (the 64kbyte user space) up to a free region of ram,
erasing the original area, tahen copying it back down.
I haven't looked at that piece of 494 code,  but it's possible they
did not leave that extra 64kb empty in the half-sized memory the 494
If you -did- connect to the Updater on a PC, it -would- be able to
suck your current satellites into the PC, erase the 494's User Area,
and cram them back, compacted.

I will look into it (what version is your firmware?)
  Setup > Statistics (scroll up)
but you may have to get a 506 cable (or a 495/497 autostar).

Sounds like a good item for an email to engineer@meade.com

good luck

Subject:	506 cable for ETX 60AT
Sent:	Monday, July 9, 2001 14:58:40
From:	Noel.Rodriguez@CTP.COM (Noel Rodriguez)
The page is great, but i cant found the wiring diagram for the 506
cable, the 505 doesnt work with ETX 60AT right?


Mike here: See the "Cable #505 vs #506" on the Autostar Information page.

Subject:	etx 60/70 manual
Sent:	Sunday, July 8, 2001 21:48:43
From:	Pupman12@aol.com
Hi i just ordered my etx 70 and i was wondering how to decode the etx
60/70 manual
Mike here: Read it through several times until you understand it. Practice with the telescope in the daylight. Play with the Autostar until you get a good feel for using it. Go through the manual again. Once you go outside at night you really don't want to try to learn to use the scope in the dark and under the pressure of trying to see objects.

Subject:	ETX 60
Sent:	Sunday, July 8, 2001 12:57:42
From:	wshannon@nidlink.com (Wayne Shannon)
I'm thinking of buying the ETX 60 that Costco is selling at the end of
the month. I would like to know if it would be a good telescope to start
with? Next can you see the planets will enough to make them put, say
Saturn, can you see the rings?
Thanks  Wayne Shannon
PS great site ,
Mike here: See my comments on the ETX-70AT linked at the top of the current "ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT Feedback" page. Both scopes have the same focal length and perform optically essentially the same.

Subject:	Great deal at Astronomics on ETX-70
Sent:	Saturday, July 7, 2001 09:56:13
From:	edgonzales@hotmail.com (Ed Gonzales)
I came across your website while researching on an inexpensive telescope
to purchase. I found your information on the ETX series very informative
and proceeded to look at what they were going for from online vendors.
Well, I found this great deal on an ETX-70EC at


It seems to be a ETX-70AT with the #495 Autostar, the EXT-90's base, and
better eyepieces. Plus it includes the #882 tripod that other places are
selling for $299 in a pagkage. They are selling this for $239 with
shipping! This seemed to be too good a deal to pass up. I ordered it
today and should have it by the middle of next week. I can let you know
my thoughts when it gets first light.

I will probably try some of the mods on your page to try to improve it
as well.  The ETX-90 mods you have should work identically on this
model, if it really has the same base as the 90.  I will let you know.


Subject:	etx-70   494 keypad
Sent:	Friday, July 6, 2001 06:17:27
From:	MEADEATEINCH@aol.com
i recently attempted to add more satellites to my #494, which i have
done successfully before.   the file read "file space full". i then
deleted  manually all satellites, it still reads full.   i don't use
cable /computer for additions, i use keypad manually. please help
Mike here: Have you tried a RESET?


yes, i did reset and same memo came up "file space full"  i have done all
entries by #494 keypad and this is the 1st problem

Subject:	hi michael
Sent:	Friday, July 6, 2001 00:17:29
From:	m.kulis@netzero.net (mike kulis)
My name is Michael Kulis of Northwest Suburban Astronomers in Illinois.
This week i purchased a meade etx-70at from the Discovery store at the
mall where i work. I,ve worked as a luggage salesman for the past to
years now and ive had a few ideas on the cases for transporting ETX's. 
I'd like to run this by you if you dont mind, for your opinion.   I'm
thinking that with the extra foam i have at work that is usally trashed,
(good guality foam too) that i can utilize a etx 90mm  case that usally
goes for 100 dollars, and add a little extra foam to it in certain
areas, and allow it to accomadate a ETX-70at. I'm putting in the extra
foam to keep it from moving around. Just wanted to know if youve tried
it or have any thoughts. Also if you could tell me your thoughts on the
#833 tripod instead of the #822, cause i feel like a small gust of wind
from the windy city here may take the 70mm for a ride to the pavement.
which do you perfer?  Thank's ahead of time.   you have a great site, it
convinced me to get the 70at   even though i have only had it for two
days, theres no buyers remorse at all.  Best regards and clear skies.
Michael Kulis
Mike here: I'm sure an ETX-70 will fit into an ETX-90 case. As you indicate, you'll need to add extra padding in someplaces and possibly need to remove some in others. As to the tripod, I forget whether the bolt positions are the same (I'm on travel so can't check) but if they are it would work. If you are just concerned about the lightness of the tripod, add some weight to it.


thanks for the tips, and thanks for the great site,  best regsrds and
clear skies,  mike kulis

Subject:	Broken Horizontal Drive on ETX70AT
Sent:	Thursday, July 5, 2001 09:55:18
From:	jeffg@netstock.com (Jeff Gale)
Help, I broke my ETX70AT by moving the scope horizontally in the locked
position.  I've tried to remove the cover to inspect it but didn't get
very far.  I was able to remove the lock handle and bolt as well as the
three screws on the bottom of the base but the cover will not slip off. 
Seem like something else is holding it in place.  Any advice would be


Subject:	Tripod for ETX-60AT #882
Sent:	Thursday, July 5, 2001 08:08:35
From:	JWILKE4640@cs.com
Is this tripod still available.Apparently this scope is no longer being
sold? can not get through to Meade site for info.Would appreciate any
help locating tripod.THANKS.
Mike here: As far as I know the ETX-60AT and tripod are still available. Check with any local Meade dealer or any of the Meade web/mail order dealers listed on the Astronomy Links page. And yep, the Meade site has been unavailable for a few days.

Subject:	ETX 70 vertical lock
Sent:	Tuesday, July 3, 2001 18:05:25
From:	Jamiemoon@worldnet.att.net (Jamie Moon)
I've had my etx 70 for about 6 months now . I've got a tripod that had
the defective leg locks. Which Meade remedied. Now I have a problem with
the vertical lock knob. Right where you thighten up the lock, the
plastic nipple (all threaded pipe} broke in two. I was wondering if I
put one made of aluminuim {or brass) in place of the broke one if that
would throw off the drive motors any? Another question I have is, do you
know where to get any schematics of the etx 70.

Great site I found all kinds of info that I needed. Keep up the good

Thanks for any help on my problem!

Mike here: Sorry to hear that it broke. I don't know if that will work OK or not. There are no schematics available that I'm aware of.

Subject:	Re: Just got my ETX-70...the morning after
Sent:	Sunday, July 1, 2001 6:39:49
From:	LJCollazo@CollazoInc.com (L. J. Collazo)
Thanks for your kind reply.  This is the story of the morning
after...this morning I looked at the scope with a fresh mind. While
playing with the Setup/Display, I hit the Slew? control and I found out
that now I can move the scope (right/left/up/down)-- only if  I scroll
the on SLEW control first. The default is 0.05 degrees/sec. If I scroll
back to 0.05 it works great.   Well, I am a bit relived now since now I
am "operational". However, it does sound that Meade's quality control is
off a bit.

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