Last updated: 31 July 2003
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Subject:	ETX105 Motor failure!!
Sent:	Tuesday, July 29, 2003 03:04:25
From: (Nick Saunders)
Having read/listened to much advise regarding purchasing a new telescope
a friend of mine gave me your web address,After browsing your excellent
site i decided to buy an ETX105 ec.

I followed all the set up instructions and for the first 2 hours was
gobsmacked by the overall performance of the scope; BUT half way through
tracking to view the Andromeda Galaxy the main slew motor stopped
working and Autostar reported a motor failure,replacing batteries etc
did not rectify the problem and i am now awaiting delivery of my
replacement scope.

Do you know if anyone else has experienced similar problems as i am now
a little wary about future problems when i receive my replacement!

Nick Saunders (Cornwall,England)
Mike here: It could be that something worked loose during shipment and came fully off during the 2 hours of use. That's one possibility. Another is that you didn't do the proper azimuth rotation to the hardstop and back about 120 degrees. Another possibility is a loose connection of the Autostar cable. Also, did you CALIBRATE and TRAIN DRIVES (both axes)? These are just some typical errors (most times it is user error).
Subject:	105
Sent:	Thursday, July 17, 2003 18:47:51
From: (leon maile)
what a site,i bought a etx 105 my first ever telescope and im chuffed to
peices with it.the first nite i set it up i saw jupiter and the moons,i
took some pictures with my fuji fine pix s602.1/4 sec f/2.8
iso200.26mm.the camrea has taken some great shots of the moon as
all ways checking your site,and it's the best on the web.leon
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