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Subject:	ETX-125
Sent:	Saturday, June 28, 2003 04:28:14
From: (Sam Nothman)
I have had my ETX-125 for several months and the optics are outstanding.
The auto star work very well- centering about 95% of objects in the FOV
of a 26 mm, eyepiece. I am very pleased overall with the unit especially
for the price.

Recently, I am having a problem with the drives stopping. The autostar
will read -motor failure. Just before that occurs, I can hear the motors
straining. Once this happens, I press the Mode button and the motors
retest themselves and I have to start over again with the setup

I called Meade about this and they felt that I was over tightening  the
dec lock, but this is not the case as I make sure that it is only tight
enough to prevent the OTA from  falling and hitting the mount. I wanted
to know if anyone else was experiencing this problem and has found a

Thank you for your site, it has made the ETX experience much more

Sam Nothman
Mike here: Check your batteries; may be time to replace them (assuming you are using batteries). Also, check that you are properly doing the hardstop offset rotations. If neither of those are the culprit, do a TRAIN DRIVES (on both axes). If that doesn't cure it, RESET, CALIBRATE, and TRAIN DRIVES.
Subject:	ETX-125
Sent:	Thursday, June 12, 2003 05:17:25
From: (Mark Hunt)
I have ordered an ETX-125 and would like to know your opinion on this
unit. I will be using it mostly for planetatary and Sun work with Nikon
4500 digital camera. For the go-to feature (Like I have on my GPS10"
scope) and the 5" aperture it seems to be what I need for on the
drive-way at home use where light pollution will be a factor, but the
smaller 5" should be better than my 10". What do you think?

Mike here: You can see my initial ETX-125EC experiences linked from the top of the current ETX-125EC feedback page.
Subject:	ETX125 on Losmandy GM8?
Sent:	Wednesday, June 4, 2003 23:35:18
From: (Mark Palmquist)
First off GREAT site, lots of information not a lot of fluff.

I currently have a 5" dob that is for my 12 year old daughter and an ETX
125 that we share (when I can get to the eyepiece).  I am looking at
getting into astrophotography and have two ideas courious of what you

1. Remove the 125's OTA and get rings and plate to mount it on a GM8
since I am going to be purchasing a 8-10" newt and GM8 mount the 125
would be able to swap between the Newt for easy transport as a pick it
up and go scope.  I figure I can keep the forks around and slide the OTA
back when we want 3 scopes for family camping trips where there are non
observers who want to look around (GOTO is great in these cases).

2. Get the LXD55 10" SN and then mount the 135 in that mount (anyone
done this yet?) since it is more stable/better tracking from what I
gather than the forks, and mount the LXD on the GM8, which is more
suitable to the 10"'s weight than the LXD mount, for DSO/photo work.

I think both are workable, the LXD route is a little more expensive but
then my daugher can learn the GEM route, she already knows the autostar,
and I think she would be happier, less image shake/rattle/roll than the

Mark Palmquist
San Jose, CA
Mike here: Should be OK once you have the mounting rings.
Subject:	Old ETX-125 problem: "Sudden slew"
Sent:	Wednesday, June 4, 2003 05:57:35
From: (Richard B. Emerson)
Good morning, Mike; Rick Emerson here.  It's been a while since we
"talked" (about the adventures of "rubber banding" and "creep after
beep" in ETX-90's).  I've bought a sick 125 and one of its woes is
sudden RA/az. slewing.  Using the search engine, I've found some
comments about the problem and that Meade come up with a fix but I can't
find the specifics on the fix.  I've updated the Autostar to the current
rev., reset and retrained, etc., etc. but I still have the problem.  I
tried a loaner Autostar with a slightly older (2002 version of the
firmware) with no success.

This poor "pound puppy" has a host of problems (good thing the seller is
in AZ and I'm in PA or we might be having a "frank discussion" f2f over
this) including a sticky dec. drive (scope "pops up" after the motor
runs for a second or two on increasing alt./dec.) and being
significantly out of collimation.  Any pointers to cleaning up the worst
of this mess will be greatly appreciated.

Mike here: The fix for the random slew problem on some of the original release of the ETX-125EC was that it had to be returned to Meade (it was mentioned on the Announcements --> Meade page). You could contact Meade (and pay the out of warranty service charge: minimum $75 I think) or contact Dr. Clay Sherrod for his Supercharge service (details on the "ETX Tune-up Service" page.

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