Last updated: 30 June 2004
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Subject:	Starry Night Bundle, Astronomers Control Panel and 494 handbox
Sent:	Tuesday, June 29, 2004 18:34:05
From:	Mike Montana (
I have found a consistent problem when trying to sync my meade scope to
StarryNight via the ACP. It appears that the ACP program causes a crash
(stack overflow is my guess) on the 494. Symptoms include: Sync begins,
scope is slewing and an abortive "BEEEP!" comes from the handbox. At
this point, the scope is no longer able to GOTO a star properly, with
the RA being off by several hours.

Power cycling the Handbox, including a software reset, removal of the
batteries etc, doesnt always clear the problem. I did discover that
going to the SETUP menu, and editting the site to manually set the
Lat/Long DOES resolve this problem. Doesnt make sense, since the active
site is from ROM, but, as I suspect a stack overflow could cause
corruption in the flash-data.
Mike here: Do you have the updated ACP from their website (link on the Astronomy Links page)?


Yes, in fact I have just returned from another scope-crash when using
ACP. Tonite I have installed their latest version (1.3) and the same
issue occurs. It happens specifically when I "sync scope to view", and
occasionally under other circumstances. Too bad, because I really like
"Starry Nights", and would love to use it to guide the scope (are there
alternative plugins suitable for Autostar?)

Thanks for your reply,
Mike here: There are alternative programs. I'm surprised that Starry Night even needs ACP; I don't think it needs it for their Mac OS X version (ACP is Windows only as I recall). Anyway, see the Autostar Info page for several apps for Windows and Mac OS X that work with the Autostar.
Subject:	windows XP for astro finder
Sent:	Thursday, June 3, 2004 08:00:27
From:	Cesar Romero (
exist version of astrofinder for windows XP?
Cesar Romero
Mike here: I don't know but there are many other choices that do work with XP (which I don't use, being a Mac OS X user).

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